Very little-known fact directly from John Romero:
The fire with the word "Dangerous Dave" in it that you see on the main screen of the PC version was totally lifted from Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny. Basically, I thought that fire animation was really cool so I just pressed reset during Ultima V's main menu and rebooted to a clean disk and saved out the 2nd Apple II HIRES screen that had all the animations on it. Move it to the PC from the Apple II, touch it up a little and *voila*.


This is probably the only game that lets you change the graphics mode into CGA, EGA or VGA, instantly while playing the game!


  • At the end of level 2 you can see the letters PCR that are made out of WeirdWeeds. PCR stands for PCRcade or PC Arcade, which was the name of the gaming department at Softdisk before they changed the name to Gamer's Edge, which was the final name. John Romero put that into the level as a reference to it.
  • Level 9 was made by Lane Roathe. You can see his name spelled out at the end of that level.
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