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Press release (5th January 2009):

    Dangerous HS Girls, Adventure Game Of The Year.

    5 Jan 2009 — Mousechief, Co. announces receipt of 'Adventure Game of the Year' and other awards by GameTunnel, for 'Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!'

    Look beyond the corpse strewn, testosterone fields of core games. Look sharp for a disturbance within the candy-toon amusement park of casual games. Cigarette smoke signals from a plucky band of indies dare the bold to try this literary satire of post-suffrage, feminist struggles in rural America. The latest reviewer to succumb to it's call is one of the longest running and largest websites devoted indie games. Not only has GameTunnel has named it 'Adventure Game of the Year', they named it 'Most Innovative Game' and placed it at #4 for all indie games in 2008!

    DHSGiT has been racking up kudos for a while.

    Jay is Games:

    "...highly, highly recommend this game. won't have played anything like it. It is extraordinarily entertaining and long enough to contain a really meaty story."


    "The game does a superb job of immersing you in the Roaring '20s, and the biggest treat of all is the irreverent dialogue. This isn't one of those games that you can just click through on your way to the next puzzle. Each sentence is dripping with wit and healthy doses of innuendo."


    "(DHSGiT) is simply an amazing game. It is a delightful, empowering, entertaining and captivating adventure that you can play for 15 minutes or for hours. The two areas where this casual game from Mousechief really shines are the vibrant characters and the witty script, but the whole game is really just phenomenal."

    And on 24 Dec, '08 GameTunnel summed it up:

    "It's a morphing, mini-game filled, retro mystery high school romantic melodrama board game. Seriously. All of those things. It's crafted an entire world that is easy to sink right into. The game is sassy and smart and totally deserving of our top Quest honors."

    In 2007, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble won the Casual Games Association's $3k prize for 'Most Innovative Game'.

    DHSGiT is not a story for children and has been rated TEEN using the T.I.G.R.S. rating system.

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