Dangerous Streets Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Loading Screen.
Choosing a character to play.
Well, I get the Indian stereotype. But the other guy is supposed to be Swiss!?
Getting my ass kicked - literally.
Please don't hurt me!
I don't even know which girl I'm controlling. They're absolutely identical!
The portraits at the bottom reflect the character's health status.

DOS version

Micromania logo
Title screen 1
Title screen 2
Character selection screen. Note the biographical information.
Versus screen
One of Keo's bizarre attacks
Main menu.
Pinen the Swiss lorry driver fills his hat with air to defend himself.
Tony the Italian playboy counters with a demon summoning.
Luisa the French gymnastics teacher turns herself into an obelisk to thwart attacks.
She's going to catch a cold.
Macalosh, the spiritual boss of the Sioux, turns into a monster and tries to swipe at Luisa.
As she begins to win the fight Luisa starts to spin and get dressed.
Luisa attacks Lola by turning into ice or possibly some kind of metal?
Lola, the British top model, raises her defense. I can only imagine what that man in the foreground is covering.
Lola's special attack is to grow a ball on her face and head-butt it to her opponent.
Ombra, the American palmist, turns into a human torch.
Pinen's special attack consists of releasing a smaller version of himself out of his belly to attack.
Tony fires off his flaming fists.
Keo, the German castle custodian, gets around on springs.
His special attack is to phantom out of his rags and float at the opponent.
Ombra raises a kite-like shield.
Sgiosacapeli, the Italian disco lover, charges up his special attack which turns him into a small fireball.