Dark Angael Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Menu screen
The intro tells about the rise of the Lord of Chaos who resides at Avigon cathedral.
Only an angel risen from the death can save the world. Surprise, it happens to be you!
Aim your pistol at the ground and a good change the floor will crumble away.
Move the mouse to aim the shotgun at the devilish creatures.
Visit crypts to find hidden ammo, health and passageways.
Towards the cathedral the number of enemies increases.
The green baddie is easier to defeat than one initially expects.
Jumping to platforms is a tricky affair as the position of the mouse pointer influences how far you can jump.
Having turned off an energy barrier and saved a poor soul, the organ puzzle must be solved.
Candles in underground, forgotten passage. Light nonsense.
What are that things? Nevermind, time to shoot!
Explosions. Methane? No, only enemy.
Dark, cold.... I want go out!