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Like an onion, this game has many layers to it, but they all pretty much taste the same. PlayStation 2 jeff leyda (1729)

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PlayStation 2Gamer's Pulse (Jul 11, 2001)
I found Dark Cloud to be a pleasant blend of several game styles seen in console RPGs over the last several years, with weapon building being reminiscent of similar gameplay seen in Final Fantasy titles, the combat very similar to the Legend of Zelda games, and the Georama town building coming across like a SimCity light. Despite its disparate parts, Dark Cloud pulls it all together into a cohesive and extremely fun to play whole. If you are a fan of console RPGs, this game is simply a must have. Don’t just wait for Final Fantasy X; they’re both going to be worth having beside your PlayStation 2.
PlayStation 2Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
Vid första ögonkastet kan Dark Cloud verka oöverskådligt att komma igång med, bara för att dimensionerna i spelets värld och inte minst i vapen- och magisystemet är så omfattande. Men efter att ha varit på jakt i bara ett par dungeon-nivåer, uppnår man bra kontroll över styrningen och valmöjligheterna. Actiondelen är kanske inte så överväldigande detaljerat utförd, men ser man till helheten, då finns det äventyr, slagsmål, magi och snygga detaljer i mängder, som borde kunna hålla sig fångad framför skärmen många dagar - och nätter.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jul, 2001)
All-encompassing and rarely mundane, this is the perfectionist’s role-playing game and a throwback of sorts to a Super Nintendo classic. Constructed as a next-generation Actraiser, Dark Cloud combines the town-building elements of Sim City with the luxurious, real-time combat system of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
PlayStation 2GamersMark (Jul 27, 2001)
With the large number of annoying games on the ps2 to start with it gave many people worries that the ps2 would not pull off what the playstation had, however Sony is beginning to show the world what it can do, and Dark Cloud definitely is one of the finer games released this year for the ps2.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Jun 08, 2001)
Chances are that you won't come across a game as innovative as Dark Cloud, from time to time it may feel repetitive but DC is pure fun. It features 30+ hours of gameplay, 60 minutes of real-time cinematics, amazing visual work, and best of all, some inspired gameplay that is strangely addictive. With an ever-changing environment (morning, afternoon, evening, dusk and night) Dark Cloud certainly features one realistic world, and it feels as if you are the ruler of it. If you are in the mood for a great adventure game then you owe it to yourself to get Dark Cloud. If you are looking for an excellent RPG game, then the same abides to that as well. Chances are with Dark Cloud, you can't go wrong.
PlayStation 2Netjak (Aug 05, 2002)
Dark Cloud is typically classified as a Role-Playing Game, but it’s more a hybrid of RP/action/adventure/strategy. There’s something for everyone, unless you happen to be spitefully anal and overly picky. Replay value is great for those who want to explore every possibility in the game. While it can be tough at some points and a bit difficult to master everything in the first hour, it’s a great gaming experience and besides, that genie Ruby is kinda cute.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jul, 2001)
The downside of this is the action portion of Dark Cloud can get tedious. Monsters and level layouts are repetitive and lack imagination. Also, your fighting techniques don't evolve much (even if your weapons do), although using allies for specific tasks does break things up. The game's story, scenes, and Georama portion do keep you involved, however. As for getting paid to do it, sometimes a great deed really is its own reward.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Jun 19, 2001)
Role Playing fans look no more. Dark Cloud offers a great mix of action and original gameplay, breaking the mold of the RPGs of late. Pick this title up while you are waiting for Final Fantasy X to come out, and then come back once you've beaten it.
PlayStation 2IGN (May 30, 2001)
If you go out and look, you'll be able to find other games out there with better randomly created dungeons. The game's story doesn't reach the epic scale of Square's Final Fantasy VII or Chrono Cross. Zelda's realtime battles are much more advanced than what you'll find here in Dark Cloud and the game's weapon and item management system pales in comparison to Vagrant Story. Furthermore, if you're looking for a game where you can create worlds, you'll find much deeper stuff on the PC.
PlayStation (Oct 19, 2001)
It's pretty safe to say that this isn't the greatest RPG ever, but it is very solid. Dark Cloud will take you quite some time, and effort, to complete and should keep you happy until the big RPG guns of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X appear sometime next year. I guess you could say that Dark Cloud, or the building sections at least, are very similar to Enix's old Super Nintendo classic ActRaiser (but not the poor action based sequel) while the game also includes a big dose of Nintendo's Zelda type gameplay thrown in for good measure. Dark Cloud is an enthralling and gripping title that should be seriously considered at the very least.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jun 04, 2001)
As one of the longer single-player experiences currently available for the PlayStation 2, Dark Cloud successfully blends adventure, RPG, simulation, and strategy elements into one incredibly addictive game. Despite its gameplay quirks and repetitive dungeons, this game will handsomely reward those who invest the time to learn the nuances of its weapons system. While it's not the Zelda for the PlayStation 2 everyone was hoping for, Dark Cloud puts its own significant stamp on the adventure-RPG genre.
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Sep 12, 2001)
Featuring a unique experience-building system that imbues your weapons with increasing levels of magic rather than increasing your character’s abilities, this dungeon crawl will leave you wanting more enemies to slay, more swords to forge and more areas to explore right up to the end. Outside of the dungeon, things aren’t quite as impressive, as we gamers have come to expect living, breathing worlds to explore and experience. Dark Cloud puts an interesting spin on this by instead allowing us to construct the outside world to our own specifications through its Georama mode. While it’s interesting and often rewarding to watch a town come together as you rescue the inhabitants, the fine art of civic planning becomes intensely repetitive after a while, making this mode more of a gimmick than a real advancement in gameplay. Despite this chicanery, Dark Cloud offers both a unique spin on the third person RPG, and a long overdue fix of just such gameplay to Sony owners the world over.
PlayStation (Oct 22, 2001)
Dark Cloud on ongelmallinen tapaus. Ottaen huomioon, että se on pelinä virkistävän erilainen, sisältää paljon pikkukivaa ja onnistuu luomaan mukavasti tunnelmaa, pelille haluaisi antaa hyvätkin pisteet. Kyllä minäkin sen parissa viihdyin, ajoittain jopa tunninkin verran ilman yhtään otsaverisuonten napsahtelua, mutta viimeistään sitten alkoi jokin yllämainituista "ominaisuuksista" taas syödä miestä kannibaalikasvin lailla. DC olisi liki 90 pisteen peli, jos sitä olisi jaksettu viilata ja pelitestata loppuun asti. Tällaisenaan soveltuu vain zen-buddhistisen maailmankatsomuksen omaaville viilipytyille.
PlayStation (Oct 02, 2001)
Dark Cloud schafft es als eines von wenigen Spielen, mehrere Genres geschickt zu verknüpfen und dadurch ein neues Spielerlebnis zu schaffen. Sicher: alle Elemente sind bei den entsprechenden Basisspielen besser, tiefgehender und detaillierter. Sicher: die Grafik ist nicht auf dem allerneuesten Stand. Sicher: die Musik dudelt nach ein paar Stunden nur noch vor sich hin, ohne wahrgenommen zu werden. Und trotzdem schafft es Dark Cloud, den Spieler in eine schöne, neue Welt zu ziehen. Das Rollenspiel, das keines ist, überzeugt durch einen ganz speziellen Charme, eine durchdachte Steuerung und lässt nach kurzer Zeit vergessen, dass man alle Elemente irgendwo schon einmal gesehen hat. Man kann sich einfach ins Spiel fallen lassen. Und das ist eine Qualität, um die manch anderes Spiel kämpfen muss.
PlayStation 2Power Unlimited (Jun, 2001)
Het werd de hoogste tijd voor een goede RPG op de PS2 en Dark Cloud mag zich de eerste noemen.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Jun 18, 2001)
This is currently the best RPG available to PS2 owners. I can’t say it would be a good rental since it’s so long you probably couldn’t finish it over the weekend. So, if you’re hungry for an RPG and can’t wait for Final Fantasy X, then this is your game. It has a refreshing new take on RPGs with its “build a town” feature and seems to be stepping in the right direction to make RPGs a bit more varying. However, it does tend to bog down at times and you'll feel like you’ve done the same thing more than twice, making it a little mundane at points.
PlayStation 2Legendra (Jul 07, 2008)
En faisant fi de sa venue tardive et de la comparaison qu'il y a pu avoir avec d'autres RPG de qualité plus fraîchement sortis. S'il est loin des ambitions et promesses affichées et que certaines idées ne sont pas aussi originales qu'on aurait voulu nous le faire croire, Dark Cloud malgré son côté un brin répétitif dans ses phases de donjons, propose quand même de bonnes idées qu'il utilise intelligemment et se laisse jouer sans déplaisir.
PlayStation 2All Game Guide (2001)
Despite all of its flaws, the positives of Dark Cloud outweigh any negatives. The game could not have survived as a dungeon crawler alone, and thankfully the many side diversions offer hours of fun by themselves. And while there are hints of talent behind some of the story elements, there needs to be more emphasis on creative, original storytelling if Dark Cloud is going to become a franchise capable of going head to head with The Legend of Zelda.
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany) (Sep 18, 2001)
Dark Cloud kommt zwar auf DVD daher bietet aber trotz dieser Basis keine speziellen Besonderheiten. Weder grafisch noch soundtechnisch gibts grossartige Wunder zu vermelden. Optisch kann Dark Cloud wegen schlichter Polygonfiguren und einfallslosen Hintergründen dem heutigen Standard mancher Dreamcast-Titel nicht mithalten. Nehme man z.B das pompöse Skies of Arcadia oder Grandia 2 als Konkurrenz erblasst Dark Cloud regelrecht. Dafür bietet dieser Titel aber eine gelungene Fantasy-Untermahlung mit ungewöhnlichem Spielablauf.
PlayStation (Sep 03, 2001)
Les premiers instants de jeu sont très déroutants. Dark Cloud part dans tous les sens et on se sent un peu perdu, puis on assimile petit à petit les différentes phases de jeu et on commence alors réellement à s'amuser. Malgré tout son côté répétitif risque de décourager les moins patients d'entre vous.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (May 22, 2001)
With growing anticipation and unique gameplay elements, Sony?s first-party offering Dark Cloud was set to illuminate the rather weak selection of RPGs for the PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, a spotty story and monotonous gameplay keep Dark Cloud from rising to new heights.
PlayStation 2PSM (Jul, 2001)
Granted, the visuals are definitely easy on the eyes, but they only carry the game for so long. As soon as you get used to them, you really begin to see how this game could have been so much better. The idea behind Dark Cloud is great; It just wasn't implemented in the best possible way. It can be fun for a few dungeons, but quickly starts to feel repetitious.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Jun, 2001)
Det är helt enkelt för enformigt att ta sig igenom femton grottnivåer som alla ser ungefär likadana ut. Om detta rättas till kan en uppföljare bli riktigt het.
PlayStation 2Gameplanet (Dec 27, 2001)
At the end of the day though, This Dark Cloud will certainly be found to have a silver-lining. It might not distinguish itself on originality or atmosphere, but here is a decent, lengthy Action RPG with sufficient charm in its' own unusual gameplay to make it a worthwhile investment of your time. Won't ever be a classic, perhaps - but at this present time there isn't a better alternative for the PAL PS2.
PlayStation 2PlayFrance (Apr 08, 2003)
En conclusion, Dark Cloud est un jeu plutôt complexe qui sort du lot au niveau réalisation et design mais qui tombe dans les abysses coté jouabilité. On sent à plein nez le manque de finition pour des raisons commerciales. Il va falloir vous armer de patience et de compréhension pour apprécier ce jeu. Je comprends pourquoi Sony a fait baisser le prix de ce jeu au Japon deux mois après sa sortie…