The Dark Eye: Memoria Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu (Polish edition)
You start Sadja's journey in a deep dungeon at the crypt entrance of a powerful mage.
The game has some beautiful landscapes. You'll be exploring this fortress quite a bit as Sadja later on in the game.
Ambush on princess Sadja
The library in Draconia
A library in the Academy
Cinematic: Sadja's time
Geron's home
Cinematic: the battlefield
Main hall in Draconia
The crypt
The laboratory in Draconia
The forest near Andergast
Army campfires by night
The Mask of Malakkar
Merchant's tent
The Garden of Oblivion
Academy's courtyard
The underground lake
Academy's chambers
Guest room
A clearing in front of the cave
Asking for help in lifting the spell from Nuri
Sadja arrives in Draconia
Geron talks with the merchant
Satinav with the crystal
Satinav turns people into stone
In his book Satinav described all what was, what is, and what will be...
Searching for Rachwan's tracks
In the mountains
Cinematic: Satinav enters a clearing
The game's configuration options. It can be run in a window or full screen
As the player progresses they unlock cut scenes and in-game achievements
The main menu (English version)