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Dark Side

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Amstrad CPC

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 1 2.0
Amstrad CPC 1 2.0
Atari ST Awaiting 1 votes...
Commodore 64 2 2.0
DOS 1 2.0
ZX Spectrum 1 2.0
Combined MobyScore 6 2.0

The Press Says

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Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG)
The colourful interior scenes on the Amstrad and 64 versions, together with the impressive designs of the Ketar installations, make it a pleasure just to wander through the may zones of the moon. But in addition, the gameplay is absolutely absorbing. Miss out on Dark Side and you might as well throw your micro out of the window.
DOSThe Games Machine (UK)
Once a few problems have been solved Dark Side becomes increasingly difficult to put away. An engrossing game which is a must for all PC owners.
AmigaACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Like it's predecessor, Dark Side's smoothness encourages you to play and explore, with total freedom to wander around. What makes this better than Driller is the superb soundtrack which, in the nicest possible way, goes on and on. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for Freescape fans.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK)
Playing similarly to the Amstrad version but largely monochromatic - although the colours change from sector to sector. Using effective shading to highlight the landscapes variations, Dark Side runs slightly faster on the Spectrum. Informative spot FX and sparse music make up the sonics, but it all adds up to a superb package; the sort of game which is keeping the Spectrum market alive.
Amstrad CPCThe Games Machine (UK)
Similar to Driller's implementation, this machine handles the graphics well, incorporating sharp, defined images. Using graphics mode-1 gives a four-colour display of clear and attractive landscapes. Plenty of spot FX and jingles add spice to the action making Dark Side an essential purchase for Driller addicts and newcomers alike.
DOSACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The game map is the same as for the 8-bit versions, but the increased speed of movement makes it a much easier game to get into. If anything you may end up solving the game rather quickly. The colour and shading are excellent, helped by having options far it to run on CGA, EGA and Hercules. By far the best version yet - can the ST and Amiga ones improve upon it?
Amstrad CPCACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The graphics are again excellent, as you'd expect, and the more exciting gameplay gives it a much wider appeal. Only big developments will tarnish this ones value.
Amstrad CPCACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The graphics are of the same high standard as before, excellent use being made of stippling, shading and colour. Movement isn't lightning fast, but with the variable step size it moves at a reasonable pace. The sound is poor but that's hardly a surprise with so much graphics and gameplay packed in.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
It's faster than the Amstrad version but less colourful. The stippling and shading effects mean it still looks fine.
Commodore 64ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Incentive's brilliant program, using the Freescape system for creating a 3D world, makes a safe transition to the 64. It's slower than the Amstrad and Spectrum versions, but makes up for it somewhat with some decent use of colour.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
However, the depth and imagination of the game, combined with an excellent sound track, is likely to provide some quite compulsive entertainment.
AmigaST/Amiga Format
Almost 200 years have passed since the vents that took place in incentive’s previous release, Driller. Now the Ketars live on the moon Tricuspid which orbits your home planet of Evath. On Tricuspid there has been built a huge weapon called Zephyr One (Did you know that Incentive are based at a place called Zephy One?) with which the Ketars intend to destroy Evath.
AmigaYour Amiga
So has Dark Side improved sufficiently in it's 16 bit form? I'd say so. The graphics are noticeably slower than most games (particularly after a frantic game of SDI or Phobia) and the sound could be better used, but on the whole a good solid adventure game that's finally come home to the machine it was intended for.
Atari STPower Play
Dark Side spielt sich auf dem ST viel besser als bei den 8-Bit-Versionen. Leider wird die Grafik etwas langsam, wenn sich viele Objekte auf dem Schirm bewegen. Bemerkenswert gut sind die Soundeffekte. Wer “Driller“ mochte, gerne unter Zeitdruck herumtüftelt und auf High-Tech-Flair steht, wird‘s lieben,
AmigaCU Amiga
Freescape has always struck me as the game system with the most potential, but sadly Incentive has yet to use it. For anybody who does not know, Freescape is a game system which is based around a world created entirely from 3D filled graphics, in which nearly everything can be manoeuvred by shooting. The problem with Freescape on the 64 was that it involved the machine chewing up vector calculations and dribbling them out at a very slow rate – this problem, at least, no longer applies to the Amiga version.
Commodore 64Happy Computer
Die 3D-Grafik ist auf dem C 64 recht langsam ausgefallen; an manchen Bildern rechnet der C 64 eine Sekunde. Ungeduldigen Menschen wird der Spielfluß dadurch viel zu langsam erscheinen. Trotzdem ist Dark Side ein spannendes Spiel mit ungewöhnlichen Puzzles, das 3D-Strategen begeistern sollte. Eine unheimlich klingende, sauber programmierte Musik und spärliche Soundeffekte halten nebenbei den Soundchip in Schwung.
On the dark side of the moon Tricuspid the Ketars have started construction of a weapon by to revenge their defeat in Driller. Alied at the planet Evath it draws power from of network of Energy Collection Devices (ECDS). At the apex of each ECD there's a solar cell which transmits its power down a matrix to the Zephyr One weapon. Your mission is to destroy all the ECDs - no easy task considering you're alone with just a jet pack to carry you around.
AmigaThe One
Improvements similar to those for the ST have been made to this version which now moves smoothly and comes complete with a range of full and atmospheric sound effects. However, because the two versions are so similar the same criticisms apply. Despite the progress that's been made in developing the system, Dark Side is still only likely to impress those who enjoyed the first Freescape game.
AmigaAmiga Computing
Welcome to another adventure using the Freescape 3D environment, Dark Side, the successor to Driller, set 200 years later. It stars those enemies of the Evath, the Ketar, in another bid to destroy life as we know it. It all started with a probe passing over the dark side of the moon Tricuspid detecting a plexar just before being destroyed. A plexar is a giant construction designed to fire a high-energy particle beam at Evath, blowing it apart. It is fed by Energy Collection Devices – or ECDs – which resemble crystals atop poles.
Atari STAtari ST User
A couple of hours' fun can be extracted, but once the controls have been mastered and the sectors explored all is left is to zap the odd ECD.