Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Character creation. A good selection of classes and races
The intro is short, but goes straight to the point...
This is where you start the game. I let my half-giant be the leader. The atmosphere of the game world is rather heavy and intentionally bleak
You start with a few easy battles against arena monsters - you are a gladiator, after all...
An early dialogue with your "master" in the slave pens. There are quite a few topics and choices!
The slave pens is the first large location you'll explore. It's rather grim...
Main in-game menu with basic character info. I opened my cleric's level 3 spells - impressive array!..
Character attribute and inventory screen. It's all very intuitive. This is my female human thief character...
...and this is... well... one of the game's several races, and certainly the most unique one! Can you determine the gender??..
When you level up you can choose which spells you want to learn for your mages, clerics, and psionic users
You've escaped into a somewhat more civilized area early in the game
The area maps are very helpful!
This sewer area is more than just a dungeon - it has a settlement, several quests, and a couple of nice secrets!
A heated battle in a temple is almost over. Look at all those bodies...
Fighting what looks like a giant red frog while carefully treading the stones...
This lovely area has the most vegetation in the game
Many of the game's connecting areas look like that - there is quite a bit of desert, but always with some interesting things to discover and people to find
Take a look at this area map! Impressive, isn't it?..
Fighting a giant scorpion on the crossroads
One of the game's several villages - and this house is considered large. The game world is not very urban
Village market - a strange statue, a well, and a fruit seller
Fighting wyverns and bandits at once! This green icon is spell placement - for monster summoning, in this case
Conversations and choices in the caravan trader area
Lovely area with a beautiful hand-drawn look. I made my strange creature the leader of the party
A stony area with skeletons - my cleric casts protective "pillows" on my warrior
You can make the whole party visible outside of combat, too. Here, you see how you can move that gray chest anywhere - I tried putting it on the table...
Fighting colorful spiders in a cave dungeon
Now you face the giant spider - and look, you don't have to fight! The game is very flexible and allows you to make choices at every corner
A heated battle in a castle. Choosing how to end a turn
Whoa, look at all this treasure!..
Note the NPC routines and nice animations in one of the villages
You can choose to attack innocent villagers. You've cast your spell and summoned a shadow - look to the right...
An impressive red area with a mysterious obelisk...
A few caves look alike, but you can be sure to meet unique enemies! And look what I've cast just now - the famed stinking cloud!
A beautifully decorated entrance to a vast underground area
This is a monster village! Monsters are working and generally live their lives
A very tough battle against powerful monsters - don't attempt it too early...
...because even with a fairly strong party, I got killed due to negligence. Hence - the expressive Game Over screen...