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Nintendo DSi1UP (Jan 22, 2010)
DV Zero surprised me with its well-laid-out, retro-style platforming -- so much so that my daily commutes flew by as I kept my nose in the screen. I would love to see a follow-up, but as this was basically a promotional tie-in, there's little chance of that happening. Regardless, the game has many more hours in store for me as I strive for higher and higher scores.
iPhoneGamePro (US) (Apr 23, 2010)
Every aspect of the game has been designed to feel like a classic Nintendo game. The soundtrack from the console version of Dark Void has even been "demade" into 8-bit chiptune form -- a stroke of genius that really adds to the game's retro authenticity. Weirdly enough, although the console version of Dark Void was supposed to be the main focus for Capcom, this little side project turned out to be an arguably better game.
Nintendo DSiNintendo Life (Jan 20, 2010)
Sure the game might be a bit on the short side, but given the game's addictive gameplay and fairly high degree of difficulty, it's difficult to complain, especially considering the game will only set you back 500 Nintendo Points. If you're a fan of classic 8-bit action titles and don't mind a slightly elevated level of difficulty, this is definitely a game you'll want to add to your DSiWare collection. And if you're not a fan, this wildly enjoyable title might just make one out of you.
Nintendo DSiGamernode (Jan 26, 2010)
This game is absolutely worth playing if you enjoy action platformers from the early days of the medium. If you don't remember those days, 5 dollars is a small enough price to begin your education. I couldn't recommend this title more.
Nintendo DSiNintendoWorldReport (Feb 21, 2010)
Dark Void Zero is so perfect in its execution that I want to play it on my TV, Wii Remote held NES-style, chiptunes resonating from my TV’s speakers. Any unwitting passerby would correctly mistake it for exactly what it’s supposed to be: an old-school NES game. It succeeds in virtually every aspect of its execution, and if you own a DSi this fantastic piece of software is an absolute must-own.
Nintendo DSiIGN (Feb 03, 2010)
No More Heroes 2's side job mini-games, the continuation of Mega Man…and now Dark Void Zero. Old is the new new: the 8-bit Revolution is upon us once more, and it's great to experience some new games in the classic style. Dark Void Zero would have been considered a "classic" had it been made 25 years ago, and today, it's a retro-style blast.
Nintendo DSiGameSpot (Jan 25, 2010)
Success in Dark Void Zero isn't easily earned, but it is attainable. Though you may meet your demise more than a few times, each life makes you a better, more nimble flier. And though you may have to traverse the same corridors a number of times, each time through reveals better ways to maneuver through the cleverly designed levels. Dark Void Zero hits the sweet spot of difficulty; it's tough enough to make success satisfying, yet not so hard that victory feels out of reach. It makes you want to try and try again, and the great soundtrack keeps you bopping along with a full head of steam. It doesn't matter whether your first gaming system had knobs, a directional pad, or dual analog thumbsticks: Dark Void Zero's tight action and delightful presentation are sure to entertain.
WindowsGameTrailers (Apr 22, 2010)
Three levels may not sound like much, but you'll get several hours' worth of elegantly designed exploration and jetpacking fun for your paltry five dollar buy-in.
Nintendo (Mar 05, 2010)
Per qualche spicciolo (500 Nintendo Points) possiamo giocare un ottimo titolo vecchio stile con il carisma dei pixel ad 8 bit ed il miglior estro di Capcom. Dark Void Zero non dura moltissimo ma è da giocare tutto d'un fiato, senza mai salvare, cercando di completarlo senza mai fare una sosta. Proprio come un Arcade anni '80. La trama è potenzialmente molto interessante, legandosi all'avventura per console, ma è poco sviluppata e sottolineata, lasciando spazio all'azione e l'esplorazione senza tanti fronzoli. Must have per nostalgici ed amanti del 2D vecchio stile.
iPhoneModojo (Apr 22, 2010)
Had there been more levels, Dark Void Zero would've been unbeatable. That said, you still shouldn't miss it, especially for three dollars. The presentation will remind you of Capcom's previous NES efforts, and the simple gameplay is fun enough to make it worth playing a few times. We could definitely use more iPhone Apps of this magnitude. You know, to fill the Void.
iPhoneIGN (Apr 14, 2010)
I absolutely love the 8-bit throwback here (blowing into your iPhone to "dust off" the NES cart was a nice touch), but Dark Void Zero is good fun whether or not you are a retrogaming fiend. I was surprised – and ultimately pleased – that the virtual controls worked out so well and that I was able to make precision jumps with a great degree of success. If you are looking for a new action fix on your iPhone, Dark Void Zero delivers.
iPhoneApp Spy (Apr 12, 2010)
It's odd that a tie-in game can overshadow a major console release, but Capcom is in top 8-bit form with Dark Void Zero and provides a lovingly crafted game that's enjoyable to blast through.
Nintendo (Mar 09, 2010)
Dark Void Zero è un tuffo nel passato, un titolo che regala quelle emozioni perse via con l’avvento della tridimensionalità, un esperimento che ha origine negli anni ‘80 e che fa del suo intenso gusto retrò il suo punto di forza. Statene alla larga se siete disperatamente alla ricerca di un titolo dal sapore moderno e se vi aspettate un uso massiccio dell’hardware del DS, sia in termini grafici che sonori. Nel caso in cui, invece, accettaste di buon grado le peculiarità tipicamente old-school del titolo, ci sentiamo di consigliarlo senza riserve, soprattutto a chi ha un impellente bisogno di un’endovena di 8-bit, che abbia lo stesso, buonissimo gusto che avrebbe avuto venticinque anni fa.
Nintendo DSiTeletext (2010)
Forget the original home console title, this charming 8-bit throwback is by far the superior game.
Nintendo DSiVandal Online (Mar 15, 2010)
Y es que, de hecho, el juego comienza con una simulación en las pantallas de nuestra consola en la que deberemos de soplar el polvo de los circuitos de un cartucho virtual de NES, como habitualmente pasaba por aquél entonces. Los más nostálgicos agradecerán el juego, sin duda, aunque siendo ortodoxos cabe decir que un juego como éste, funcionando a pleno rendimiento como lo hace en nuestras Nintendo DS, no podría haber existido en la época. Pero no nos importa: seguiremos creyéndonos la historia y disfrutando de Dark Void Zero sin más miramientos por lo que es: un notable juego de acción y aventura, por un precio más que razonable.
Nintendo DSiModojo (Jan 20, 2010)
Had there been more levels, Dark Void Zero would've been unbeatable. That said, you still shouldn't miss it. The presentation will remind you of Capcom's previous NES efforts, and the simple gameplay is fun enough to make it worth playing a few times. The DSi needs more games like this. You know, to fill the Void.
Nintendo DSiMeristation (Mar 14, 2010)
Tan simple como sencilla, esta obra no debe pasar desapercibida entre los aficionados que deseen pasar un buen rato con su DSi o recién estrenada DSiXL. Tanto por su nivel técnico como por la diversión que garantiza en caso de que la acción sea lo nuestro, este Dark Void Zero destaca por su peculiar propuesta y por ser uno de los pocos títulos del servicio que plantean una puesta en escena tremendamente original y divertida, aunque un tanto breve para los que busquen una aventura en la que sumergirse durante meses. Para eso es mejor acudir a los títulos base de la consola: si lo que buscamos es pasar un rato divertido por poco precio, esta opción no defraudará a nadie.
Nintendo DSiGameZ (Mar 14, 2010)
Dark Void Zero blijkt een ode aan het 8-bit tijdperk en is bijzonder vermakelijk, vooral dankzij de toevoeging van de jetpack. Daarbij zal je naast het overhoop knallen van alien-tuig je zeker vermaken met het verzamelen van alle objecten in de levels . Op audiovisueel gebied is de game een waar genot voor de retrogamer. Het is alleen bijzonder jammer dat de eindbazen telkens hetzelfde en niet bepaald uitdagend zijn. Ook de korte spelduur zorgt ervoor dat Dark Void Zero geen regelrechte klassieker is.
Nintendo DSiMag'64 (Mar 11, 2010)
"Dark Void Zero" ist eine echte Bereicherung für das Angebot an DSiWare-Spielen, das einiges an kurzweiligem Spielspaß mitbringt. Leider ist es aber zu linear und mit seinen drei Spielwelten vom Umfang her zu gering, um wirklich vollends zu überzeugen. Trotz der drei Schwierigkeitsgrade und den technischen Errungenschaften in optischer Hinsicht bietet es nicht die Langzeitmotivation, die man mit einem Metroid oder Mega Man geliefert bekommt. Daran vermag auch die mögliche Highscorejagd nichts zu ändern.
Nintendo DSiCheat Code Central (2010)
Although Dark Void Zero can at times feel like a series of spiraling fetch quests placed back to back, it is still rather fun to play through. The only real problem I have with the title is that it is only three levels long. These levels and the obligatory boss battles found between each can take awhile to get through, usually somewhere between a half hour to an hour each, but even at five dollars it seems like the adventure is over far too soon. I mean, did Capcom forget how the rest of the game was supposed to go after the first three levels, since it has been so long since the original copy's destruction (wink)? However, even with its short length, it is still an enjoyable game full of challenge and a ton of retro goodness.
Nintendo (Mar 17, 2010)
Ich habe die erste Hälfte von Dark Void genossen und die zweite Hälfte verflucht - das ist mir bei Dark Void Zero nicht passiert, denn dafür ist es zu kurz. Was eine gute Sache ist, denn solche Spiele, die sich einen Scheißdreck um Hintergrundstory oder Schleichlevels kümmern und einzig und allein die Jagd nach dem schnellen und möglichst hohen Highscore in den Vordergrund stellen, gibt es kaum noch - außerdem mag ich den konstruierten Hintergrund der Spielentstehung. DVZ ist eine fröhliche Mischung aus Bionic Commando, MegaMan und Metroid, und kommt zwar in keiner Hinsicht an eines der drei Vorbilder ran, ist aber auch weit davon entfernt, ein seelenloser Mischmasch zu sein. Stattdessen ist es ein erfrischend veraltetes, anspruchsvolles Jump-n-Run, das gut für die nostalgische Viertelstunde zwischendurch geeignet ist. Für eine echte, fokussierte Retro-Herausforderung sind aber MegaMan 9 und 10 nicht zu schlagen.
iPhoneTouch Arcade (Apr 14, 2010)
I agree that there's much about the story of this game that would make it seem as if it's something of a "light" title or not a "real" game, in and of itself. I can assure you that's definitely not the case, and our forum readers echo that sentiment. Some critics are even calling Dark Void Zero a stronger title than its modern console namesake. Any platformer fan — retro or no — might just find this one worth some space on their home screen.