The Darkness II Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
Hello there, Duke Nukem Forever.
Where would Jackie be without his favourite guns?
One of the many execution kills
Enemy hearts restore your health and give experience points.
As Darkness cannot stand the light, it is a good idea to destroy its sources.
Metro station massacre
Mini cut-scene instead of a boring loading screen, just as in the first game.
Level boss fight. Quite a trial.
You can throw various objects, placed along the map. Just like that gas container.
Mini-game in Jackie's house: shoot as many pigeons as fast as you can.
Oh, what a mess. Someone will have to clean it up. Probably Butcher.
Playing as a darkling, specialized in stealth executions.
The dark essence should be spent on various upgrades for Jackie's powers.
Throwing a pipe, always fun.
This time, collectible items are relics. Each of them has a little story related to the Darkness.
Sometimes, it's wise to cover yourself behind the shield. Enemies think likewise.
A gruesome headshot
Getting under the light is a bad idea, as you can't use Darkness there.
After some upgrades, darkness-channeled weapons will be able to shoot through walls.
Can't get to enemies? Stun them with the swarm of killer insects!
Getting the hearts along the way.
Executing the dude for extra health regeneration.
In the mysterious asylum
Darkling in action
Ah, those dual wield UZIs are just awesome.
Nasty darling doing his things.
Sometimes, enemies drop black holes instead of hearts. Simply throw them inside and have fun.
The Hell has its own weapons.
Ah-ah, you won't get me.
Developers sure had fun inventing execution moves.
Nothing can stop Jackie on his quest.