DarkSpyre Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Character generation - Background history
Character statistics
Game start
These skulls act like information booths
Room with some objects and a teleporter
Female character screen
Male character screen
Fighting monsters

DOS version

The Spyre in question. (Pretty dark, huh?)
Copy protection
Start menu
Generating a new character.
Select answers from multiple-choice questions to create a character.
While generating a new character, you are filled in on the history and background of the game world.
Fine-tuning statistics (I prefer the well-rounded approach)
Starting location, copyright information
You can move with the arrow keys or by using the mouse for navigation. Game information in the bar.
The pull-up stats / inventory management screen -- an Event Horizon trademark interface choice
The character's portrait reflects the weapons equipped.
Helpful magic skulls pass on hints and tips.
Teleport pads look so scary I'm not sure I'd rather not just stay where I am.
Some doors are opened with keys, some with weight-sensitive pads... others, like this one, with simple levers.
Gaining proficiency in more frequently-used weapons.
I don't know what that green blob is, but what with the spell effects it's confounded me with, I'm sure it'll be the end of me!
Game over!