Darkstar One

Darkstar One Screenshots

Windows version

Docking with a trading station.
A pirate in one of the many small cutscenes.
Travelling to a new system.
You can deal in video games.
Approaching an asteroid.
A tunnel entrance is locked. You may find artifacts inside.
You may choose your next assignment.
An alien pirate ship is about to be shot down.
Your ship, the Darkstar One.
Protect the container from pirates.
Space is a rather colourful place
Those jumpgates are the entry point to each system
The PDA keeps the player up to date
The stellar map
A space station interior
The target list
The reputation screen, reputation has quite some impact on gameplay
Having an argument with a Mortok, not a good idea...
Several options are available in the in-flight menu
Retrieving a cargo container
Upgrading the Darkstar One
The Galactic Council
In this foggy system, those landing lights are very helpful
Scratch one
Some systems are occupied by pirate gangs and can be liberated
Each station has a window, where you watch what's happening outside (notice the space battle in the distance)
Some missions take the player planetside
Bogeys ahead!
A little Star Wars moment ;)
Target ahead
Flying through a forest in a cutscene
The Hero
Every space game needs a space chick
It is actually possible to change the armament in-flight, handy ...
Fighting a Raptor cruiser
Exploring an asteroid brings up some Descent memories
Some space systems are very impressive
Nostromo? Sounds familiar...
This missions takes the player "indoor" (think death star II)
Intro - a long time ago...
Intro - now
Cut scene - docking