Darkstone Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Game title
Loading screen
Starting title screen
Main menu
Character naming
Character selection
Task selection
Level 1 starting point
Level 1 starting village
Game menu
Level 1 looking around
Game dialog
Level 1 looking around
Level 1 shopping
Level 1 NPC selection
Loading screen
Level 1 looking around
Level 1 looking around
Level 1 first skeleton fight

Windows version

There are quite confusing places in this game, not easily solvable
The game is what we call 3D, but I'd prefer Nox instead
how are you going to hack these guys up?
Cleopatra? Uhmm, sorry, I mistook you for someone else...
Main menu
Choosing a character
Now we are both there...
Starting in the town and talking to people
Zooming the camera in and out
Buying and repairing weapons
Irma can identify objects or heal you
Going out to the woods
Meeting some people in a little village
Yeah, right, kill and take gold... typical
Oh, no! My husband is dead!
Places you can visit