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In this game, you play Detective John Carey, of the Homicide division of the LAPD. You are attending a crime scene. The victim is Bob Hickman, who happens to be your best friend. You met him during your days at the Police Academy. What was he doing out here? And who would do this to him?

First, talk to Bruce Woodbury, the patrol officer at the right side to receive his crime scene log. Talk to Allen, the officer standing near the Lucky Mini-Mart. Show your badge to the witnesses. (One is talking to Woodbury, and the other is leaning on the fence.), and question them both. Use your notebook on them to note their presence. Now look at the dead body to get a close-up view. Look a the body, the holster, and the cigarette. Record these using your notebook, and leave the close-up by clicking on the Walk icon outside the picture.

Touch the graffiti on the wall, and record it with your notebook. Open the dumpster to find a boy inside. There are bullets scattered throughout his body. Look at the body, and then take notes. Exit the close-up view and tell Nobles, the deputy coroner standing to the left of the body, about the body. He tells you that he will send another car to the scene. Good for him. Use your keys to unlock the trunk of your white car. Take the briefcase. Close the trunk. In your inventory, open the briefcase and get the chalk. Look at Hickman's body again and use the chalk on the cigarette. Exit the close-up view and use the chalk on the body to create an outline, then talk to Julie Chester, the only woman at the scene. You will arrive at Parker Center.

After the briefing with the lieutenant, you sit at your desk and your partner, the grouchy Hal Bottoms, chats with you for a second. After he has finished, use the Hand icon your desk to get s close-up view. Then take a memo from the in-tray at your left, and look at it. Now open the left drawer and get the photograph, then look at it and note down what is scribbled on it. Look at your police badge and make note of your bad number. Open the right drawer and take a 3.14 follow-up report form. Pick up the phone on your desk, and dial the number found on the photograph. You will be put through to the CRASH unit, who tells you that Lieutenant Varaz is not in. Bummer. In your inventory, use the notebook on the 3.14 form to file a report on the Hickman murder scene. Leave the close-up view.

Give Hal both the 3.14 form and Woodbury's crime scene log, and he will file them for you. Stand up and turn on the computer. In the close-up view, enter your badge number in the ID Number field, and the word found on the photograph as your password. Press [Enter] or click OK. From the menu, choose “Gang Information” >> “Rude Boys Get Bail”, the abbreviation of the name that you saw as graffiti at the crime scene. Read about RBGB and its leader, Ragtopp Spiff. Leave the close-up view and go left to leave Homicide.

Go down the hallway and press the button on the elevator. Press 'L' on the keypad to be taken down to the lobby. Walk left and leave the lobby by going past the front desk. The first time out of Parker Center, you will be confronted by KKAT-TV reporter, Kristy Bilden. Speak to her and the cameraman, though it won't do any good. So shove her out of the way. She will be furious, but that's too bad. See the MAP button located to the far right of the icon bar? Click it and the map of Los Angeles County appears. Pass over the red dots with the mouse, and the game reveals to you the important locations. Keep passing over the dots until you find the County Morgue, then click the mouse to drive there.

Enter the building, and you'll end up running into Sherry Moore, the receptionist. Show her your badge and walk right. You can talk to Russell Marks if you want to hear a joke. Go right again to find Nobles in the autopsy room. Talk to him (x2). You'll want to know about the child. Ask Nobles about the dead child, his identification, his murder, the cause of death, and the autopsy results. Make sure that you click on each sub-topic as well. Now direct your attention to Hickman. Ask Nobles about his autopsy, and his cause of death. Inquire about physical marks, the condition of lividity, toxicology tests, and fibers recovered from the body. Leave the autopsy room and take the two envelopes on the counter. Push open the door to return to reception, then walk left to leave the building. Get in your car. Using the method outlined earlier, find Hickman's house, and drive there.

Go up to the door and knock, then talk to Valerie to be let in. Once inside, sit on the couch on the right and wait for Katherine to join you. When she arrives, give the envelope labeled “BH” to her. She will give you Hickman's kevlar vest. Ask Katherine if she knows anything about Bob's missing handgun, or has any details that might help with the murder investigations. Ask about Bob's drug and alcohol abuse. Halfway through a sentence, Katherine will panic and run out of the room. After Valerie appears, talk to her to get some information regarding the hallway closet. Open the closet door and search the pocket of the dark jacket hanging next to the white shirt. Show the pills to Valerie, then leave. Drive to South central L.A.

There, walk down the alley to end up in a burnt-out-building. Look at the graffiti on the wall to get a close-up view. Make a note about the slugs that you see in the wall. In your inventory, open your homicide kit and select the putty knife. Use it on the 16 slugs. Now select the plastic bag and use it on all the slugs. Leave the close-up view and enter through the door. You will see two teenagers hanging about in the 'hood. Show your badge to both of them, then talk to both to see what they know. Continue right until you end up at the Mini Mart.

Show your badge to the two men, and talk to them. When Two-Jack asks for some spare change, give some coins to him (x3). He will tell you hat he knows about Bobby Washington. Make notes on both characters. Open the door to the Mart. Once you enter, you see footage on the TV of the incident between you and Bilden earlier. Use your notebook on the clerk, Kim Chee, and talk to her about the murder. Get a canister of glue from the rack on the right, and an apple from on top of the counter. Pay the clerk then leave. Walk right to return to the alley. Go right.

You will see a little girl playing with her dolly on the sidewalk. Show her the badge and ask for her name and address. You learn that she is LaSondra Washington, Bobby Washington's sister. Give LaSondra the apple and make your way down the sidewalk to arrive at her house. Show your badge to the woman sitting on the steps, and give her the envelope with BW on it. She thanks you and grieves for her son. Speak to her. Ask her about herself, Bobby's activities, when she last saw him, and finally, the neighborhood gangs. Go back to the alley and get in your car. Drive to Parker Center.

When you get there, select your ID card in your inventory, and use it on yourself to wear it. Enter the building. Go left. Press the button on the elevator, and press 'B' to be taken to the basement. Approach the SID window at the end of the hall to get a close-up view of Julie Chester. Talk to her, asking about fibers found on the body, the cigarette found at the scene, toxicology tests, and ballistics tests. When you done questioning her, show her the glue that you brought at the Lucky Mini Mart. She will take a sample, and give you back the canister. Show Chester Hickman's sedatives. She will examine and return them to you, observing that the pills probably had nothing to do with Hickman's death. Leave the close-up view and take the elevator to the fourth floor.

Go to the end of the hall to get a close-up view of Teddy Baker, who is in charge of property. Give Teddy the bag of slugs you collected from the South Central alley. When he asks you where you want to store these, tell Teddy to put them in self storage after analysis. Leave the close-up and take the elevator to the third floor. When you get there, go down the hallway to return to Homicide. When you get there, the phone starts to ring. Sit at your desk and answer it. It is Emmo Jones, the dude that you questioned earlier. He tells you that he has some information that may help with the case, and that you should meet him at South Central. Head to the lobby, and exit Parker Center. Travel to South Central.

When you get there, Emmo is standing against the wall. As he starts to move, use the Walk icon to duck behind your car. Emmo is gunned down. Use the Kevlar vest on yourself. Detective Jim Varaz comes out of the Rainbow Cafe with gun drawn. Use the Walk icon a couple of times to get closer to your car's trunk. Unlock it using your keys. When you get a close-up view of the trunk, unlock the shotgun, then take it. Leave close-up. Make sure that you immediately save the game unless you want to get killed. Next, use the shotgun on yourself to arm yourself. Drag the faint gray crosshair left or right, and up and down to aim higher or lower. Fire at the sniper every time he reveal himself. You need to fire at him twice in order to win the shootout. If you run out of ammo, reload the gun with the shells in your inventory.

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