Day 2 - TuesdayContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on May 08, 2005.

You start the day off with the briefing with the lieutenant, who is not too happy about your accomplishments so far. You learn that another murder took place, this time Officer Rene Garcia. After the lieutenant deals with you, leave and sit at your desk. Get another 3.14 form from the drawer, and use your notebook to fill in the events of the previous day. Give the 3.14 form to Hal, and ask him about Hickman's gun, as well as the shootout and the firearm. Leave Homicide and take the elevator to the basement. Talk to Chester and she will give you your weapon back. Ask her about the slugs you took from the alley wall, about Spiff's weapon, about the glue sample, and about Officer Garcia's toxicology tests. Exit close-up. Chester invites you for a drink at the Short Stop Bar after work. Take the elevator to the lobby and leave the building. Travel to the Yo Money Estate.

There, note the chalk outline of the body on the lawn, then walk toward the door. Look at the bushes near the right side of the screen for a close-up. Take the red shoe. Exit the close-up and knock on the door. Show your badge and the shoe to Dannyd. Talk to him to be let into the house. Talk to Nicolette after she finishes her tirade, and then show her the red shoe. Now show it to Yo Money to get his opinion where it came from. Ask Money about the dead body and where it came from, and whether he has any enemies. You get a name: Dennis Walker. Shortly, the phone will ring and Nicolette will answer it.

While she is busy, Money has his back turned, and Dannyd is out of the picture, quickly use the Hand icon to steal a cigarette from the ashtray. If you are caught stealing from the ashtray, you will be kicked out of the house. If you did not have a chance to grab the cigarette, look at them in the ashtray to get some useful information. After the phone call, talk to both characters again to ask questions about the call. Leave the house and travel to South Central. Now return to the Washington house and talk to LaSondra. Talk to LaSondra and she will tell you that she has a little secret. Ask LaSondra what she saw the lady doing. Ask her to describe the lady and the clothes that she was wearing. Note down what you heard, then return to Parker Center.

Put on your ID and enter. If you have the cigarette from the Money Estate, return to the basement and show the cigarette to Chester from SID to be told that the cigarette is not the same brand as the one found in the alley. Otherwise, return to Homicide and sit at your desk. Get another 3.14 form and use the notepad on the form to document the interview with Yo Money, then give the form to Hal. Stand up and turn on the computer. Log in like you did last time. From the menu, select "Hate Crimes" and type in the last name of the person that Money mentioned in the interview. Cycle through the pages that contain information regarding Dennis Walker. When you finished, turn off the computer, return to the lobby, and exit Parker Center. Travel to Dennis Walker's house.

Knock on the door, and when Walker answers, show him your badge, then speak to him to be let in. Inside, ask Walker about Yo Money and the music that you hear. Ask him if you can turn the volume down. After he permits you to do so, turn the volume down by clicking the Hand icon on the stereo. Save your game. Since this situation require quick reflexes, I suggest selecting the gun from your inventory at this time. Out goes Walker and in comes his girlfriend - with a knife in her hand. Quickly use the Walk icon to turn around. Now select your gun in your inventory and use it on her. Talk to the girl to make her drop the knife. Talk to her again to get her to turn around and knee on the floor, then handcuff her before she makes her next move. You will place her under arrest, and then arrive back in Homicide.

Rene Garcia's mother appears. Talk to her until she leaves, then look at your desk. Take out a 3.14 form and use your notebook on it to record information regarding the Walker incident. Give the form to Hal for filing. Leave Homicide and take the elevator to the lobby. Travel to the Los Angeles Police Academy.

Enter through the front door, and talk to Bert Arnold at the desk. Get a practice round form from the box to Arnold's right, and select Form 13.5.1 when the dialog box appears. Give this form to Arnold, and use your wallet to pay for the ammunition. Pick up the ammo and headgear. Go right to arrive at the shooting range. Walk to the booth beside the shooter, and put your headgear on. When practicing, take your gun from your inventory, and then use it to shoot at the targets. There are six phases, and in each phase, the targets move away a fair distance. You only have a limited amount of time before you move on to the next phase. When you are told to reload, use the ammo in your inventory. Try to aim for a score for 200 or better. After practice, return the headgear to Arnold, then leave. Travel to the Hickman House.

Go up to the front door and knock. Katherine answers, and you are let in. Talk to Katherine and tell her that Bob Hickman has been cleared of the boy's death. Keep talking to her until you leave. You will automatically arrive at the Short Stop Bar.

There, watch the news report by Bilden, detailing the murders of the two officers, and the implication that Yo Money is framed for his controversial music. You will be joined by Nobles and Chester. Help yourself to some pretzels if you have got the munchies, and take a swig of beer while you're at it. If you want, you can stand up and feed coins into the arcade machines near the back wall if you want to play a game. Otherwise, talk to Chester and Nobles. Keep talking to them until the lieutenant appears and asks you to attend the City Council meeting the next day.

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