Day 3 - WednesdayContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on May 08, 2005.

When you arrive at City Hall, the lieutenant informs you of another murder. This time, the victim is female and the location is Griffith Park. Go right and approach the bench. The first question is from Kristy Bilden. Answer her question. Now keep answering other people's questions until the Mayor hurls one on you. Answer his question and save your game. Get your gun ready. Dennis Walker stands up and threatens to kill you with the knife. Draw your gun on him. (If you don't have your gun ready before Walker stands up, you won't have a chance as soon as you select the gun and exit the inventory.) Talk to Walker until he raises his hands, turns around, and kneels down. Quickly get out your cuffs and slap them on him. You'll arrive at Parker Center.

Look at your desk and get a 3.14 form from the drawer. Fill the form with information regarding the assault, and then give it to Hal for filing. Ask Hal about the Griffith Park discovery, then ask him for an update in the Hickman and Garcia cases. Finally, ask him about Hollywood and Vine. Leave Homicide and return to the lobby. Travel to the Impound Lot.

When you get there, show your badge to the dude at the window and you will get today's password. Walk into the lot, and tell the yardman the password. Talk to him about the patrol car and about SID. Look at the patrol car to get a close-up of the interior view. Get the torn newspaper from the front seat, then look at it to add two new locations, the Bitty Kitty Club and Third Eye Theater, to the map. Leave the impound lot and head to the County Morgue.

Go inside and show your badge to Miss Moore. Go right through the doors and enter the examination room. Talk to him about Griffith Park, then ask about Jane Doe 1201-K. Ask about the autopsy. Ask him about injection marks, mutilation, glue, and her status. Ask if there is any other information on the victim. Ask if there were shoes found at the scene, and if so, what kind. Talk to Nobles about the dog he says was near the murder scene. Finally, get an update on the Garcia case. Leave the morgue and travel to Hollywood and Vine.

Show your badge to the male prostitute standing between Ragin' Records and the Bitty Kitty Club, and talk to him. Ask about the abandoned car, Garcia's possible girl friend, where he got his information, and inquire about any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. The Bitty Kitty Club is the right building. Open the door to go inside. Show your badge to the woman sitting at the bar, and talk to her about Garcia. Ask her about the abandoned patrol car, the club, and dancers who work there. Show her the red shoe, and talk to her again, asking about Barbie Cann. The woman will decide to have a smoko and asks you for a cigarette. Get the lighter from on top of the bar and light the cigarette. You keep the lighter. Exit the club. You will see the prostitute trying to break into your car. He sees you and runs away. Get the broken mirror at the side of your car. Travel to Griffith Park.

There is a dog guarding the crime scene. Use your mirror on the dog to make him run away. Now move closer to the police tape to get a close-up view of the scene. Dig away at the dirt and a human bone is revealed. Record your findings in the notebook, then place the bone in a plastic bag from your homicide kit. Leave close-up and return to Hollywood and Vine.

Enter the Bitty Kitty Club and you will see Barbie Cann sitting at the bar. Show your badge to her and talk to Barbie. Ask her about Garcia, the abandoned patrol car, the dancers who work at the club, the club's customers, and what she knows about Yo Money. Show Barbie the red shoe. Leave and then travel to the Police Academy.

Enter the building and fill out a green 13.5.0 form, and give it to Bert Arnold. Get the headgear and ammo from him. Go right into the shooting range, and stand in the same booth as you did yesterday. Wear your headgear and follow the instructions exactly as you did yesterday. Reload your gun when necessary. When you're finish, leave the building and travel to the morgue.

Enter the building (Miss Moore isn't there to greet you.), and head straight to the examination room. After Miss Moore and Nobles have finished playing “doctors and nurses”, talk to Nobles about the two recent murder victims. Ask about John Doe's 7216-M's autopsy, mutilation, cause of death, and lividity. Inquire about the nylons found at the scene, as well as the use of glue. Next, ask Nobles about Jane Doe 1202-L's autopsy, lividity, and cause of death. Inquire about the missing extremities and the use of glue. Ask about the discovery of the bodies, and the status of the car that the two bodies were found in. Give the bone to Nobles and leave the morgue. Travel to Parker Center.

Once again, wear your ID and enter the building, then go straight to Homicide. Sit at your desk and get a 3.14 form. Document the bone that you found at Griffith Park, then give the form to Hal. Leave Homicide and return to the lobby. Return to the morgue. The day ends with a confrontation with the reporter asking Miss Moore to comment on the investigation, but you intervene and ask Bilden to take a walk.

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