Day 4 - ThursdayContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39505) on May 08, 2005.

Day 4 is the final day in the game, but it is quite long. It begins in the examination room at the morgue. You give Miss Moore a good talking to about not talking to the press.

Talk To Nobles, and ask him about the findings on the bone you gave him. Determine the autopsy status of John Doe 7216-M. Ask about the identification of John Doe 7216-M, and about the victim's body fluids. Ask about the autopsy status regarding Jane Doe 1202-L, and ask Nobles if an identification has been made. Leave the morgue and return to Parker Center.

After putting on your ID and entering the building, head to SID. Talk to Chester and ask her about the glue sample, if you haven't already done so. See if she has anything to add to what Nobles told you about the bone. Ask about John Doe 7216-M, Jane Doe 1202-L, and Jane Doe 1201-K. Finally, ask Chester if she has any information regarding the abandoned vehicle where the latest victims were inside. Leave SID and return to the lobby. Travel to the Impound Lot.

As you did yesterday, show your badge to the guy at the window to get the day's password. Head into the lot, and talk to the yardman and give him the password. Go over to the Ford Tempo and look at its license plate. Note the number down. Leave the Impound Lot and return to Parker Center. Return to Homicide, and log in to the computer, using your badge and password. Access the DMV records, and enter the license number that you wrote down earlier. Cycle through all the available pages, then log back out. Leave Homicide, return to the Lobby, and travel to South Central. There, open the door to the alley and look at the boxes on the right. Get the rope from one of them, and then return to your car. Head to the Social Services Office.

Open the door to the office, and show your badge to the receptionist. Talk to her to find out that the driver of the abandoned patrol car is a social worker called Luella Parker, who has been missing for a few days. Ask to see Luella's office and she will escort you to the room. Look at Luella's desk to get a close-up. Take the envelopes and the audio tape. In your inventory, examine the envelopes to get more information, then examine the audio tape to get another lead.

Now return to the receptionist area, and ask the receptionist about Luella's friends and if she had a boyfriend. Ask about her clients and work habits. Get the details on Luella's disappearance. Ask if she could explain the folders to you, as well as the coding system used in the different files. Ask about child custody cases, and get a definition of borderline cases. Ask if she has any information on Barbie Cann or Mitchell Thurman. Finally, show the audio tape to the receptionist. You can now leave Social Services and head for Hollywood and Vine.

Go into Ragin' Records, the building next to the Bitty Kitty Club. Show your badge to the man behind the counter, and talk to him. Give him the audio tape, and he will agree to exchange it. Look at the display case to get a close-up, and then select one of the drumsticks. Pick the drumstick up from the counter, then leave the store. Go inside Bitty Kitty and chat with Barbie about her situation. Leave, then head for the Third Eye Theater.

Look at the theater's ticket booth and talk to Mitchell Thurman. Show him your badge, then speak to him again. Open the left door. Talk to Thurman and ask him about Garcia, police as customers in the theater, and Luella Parker. He will get emotional on you. Talk to Thurman and you will find out about his skinny dog. (It must be one that you encountered in Griffith Park.) Ask when he last saw Luella Parker. Eventually, you will be given a nice cup of tea. Walk to the left to reach the men's room, and you'll find nothing. Return to the concession stand and go to the right to reach the women's bathroom. Now open the bathroom stall to find the red dress. Walk back left, and ask Thurman about the dress and show him the red shoe. Drink that cup of tea, and Thurman invites you for a movie. So open the theater door and watch the cut-scene. You will be kicked out onto the street. Travel to Griffith Park.

The dog really likes guarding the crime scene. Use the rope to lasso him. You will be dragged halfway across the city to an alley with a dead end.

The dog disappears through a small pet door cut into a large set of doors at the side of the alley, but there is no way to open them. Use the pry bar from your homicide kit to bust them open, and you will enter a room that is pitch-black. Get your flashlight also from your homicide kit, and then turn it on (click it on the screen). Look around the room until you see a door at the right side of the screen. Get the putty knife from your homicide kit, then use it to jimmy the lock. Open the door to arrive at the bottom of a stairway.

Use the glue you got from South Central on the drumstick, then use the drumstick on the broken mirror to create a mirror-on-a-stick. Use this to see behind the door at the top of the steps. (If you don't, you will be attacked by the dog.) Now open the door to arrive in the kitchen. Open the refrigerator door and record notes about the severed head that you find inside. Exit the close-up, then walk to the left, past the refrigerator, to enter the living room. Go left again to arrive in the hallway. The dog will block your way. Feed the dog the sedatives and it will fall asleep. Enter the first door on the left to arrive in the bathroom. Open the medicine cabinet to find out that it is empty. Exit the bathroom and go through the last door on the right.

Inside the bedroom, use your notebook on the bed, then use the mirror-on-a-stick to look under it. Now open the closet door and use the notebook on the red shoe. Pull the rug on the floor and open the trapdoor that is revealed. Climb down the ladder. In the small room, open the door on the far side. You'll arrive backstage of the Third Eye.

Walk over to the woman in one of the seats. Look at the woman, and use the notebook on her. Talk to her then push her. No response. Head up the aisle toward the front of the theater and through the door there. At the concession stand, take the cola can on the right, located at the top of the counter, and you will get a skeleton key. Return to the women's bathroom and open the bathroom stall. The red dress is no longer here. Now use the skeleton key on the paper towel dispenser to open it. Record your findings in the notebook, then put the syringe in a baggie. Return to the theater.

A woman in a red dress (aka: Mitchell Thurman) leaves through the stage door on the right, then locks it. Open the stage door with the skeleton key, and use the flashlight when you arrive in a darkened room. You'll get jumped by Thurman and arrive in the living room – facing the dog. He won't let you leave this time. Get the ball from underneath the couch and throw it out the window. Check your inventory to discover that you have been cleaned out. Go back to the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet. Get the BeautyNet hairspray. In your inventory, combine the hairspray with the lighter to create a torch. Save the game. With the torch in your possession, return to the bedroom. Thurman stands over his latest victim and cleans her up, and notices you. When he comes after you, use the hairspray on him and he'll go down. The next day, the people of LA congratulate you on a job well done, and you receive the Metal of Valor from Chief Daryl F. Gates. Game complete.

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