Daze Before Christmas Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Christmas Calendar
Look! It's Santa!
Look! It's Anti-Santa!
Level Completed!
Santa trekking through the snow
Ice Cave
Blue Magic
Boss #1: The Evil Snowman
Over England
Before the Flood
"You come no further!"
Magic Cave
Steel Factory
Boss #2: The Timekeeper
Over Russia
Winter Waters
Magic Bubbles
Boss #3: Louse the Mouse
Over Japan
Deep Down
Busy Basement
Santa's House
Over USA
Boss #4: Mr. Weather
Attack Mr. Weather
Penguin is enemy
Anti-Santa can smash enemy - he uses his bag.
Heart - levitating platform
Happy end

SNES version

Title screen
Developer's logo
Main menu
The story - Funcom apparently did not bother to make graphic intro.
The levels are displayed in a Christmas calendar.
Level introduction screen
First level
Climbing a candy cane
Bells are level save points.
Level statistics
Just bounce of the ground, Santa!
Snowscape level with aggressive penguins.
Santa can hide in his cap.
Ice cave level
In a factory
A power-up will enable Santa to throw fire.
Evil Santa