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PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 11, 2002)
There's not much to say here, but what there is to say is almost uniformly positive. This is far and away the best DDR compilation available on the home market, and fanatics will find it more than worth the investment. The song-to-dollar ratio, after all, has never been better, unless you could find a copy of Konamix marked down to $20 (which, upon reflection, is likely possible).
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Nov 06, 2002)
When you come right down to it, there is little that Konami could do to improve this game. With recognizable licenses, 15 new songs and Oni mode, DDRMAX is a well-balanced title that is guaranteed to intrigue new players and garner new fans. At the same time there are plenty of goodies to keep the veteran players coming back for more.
PlayStation (GAF) (Apr 28, 2003)
DDRMAX is a great addition to the PS2's software lineup, and belongs in your collection. It's a recommended purchase for all players, whether you're into slow dancing or fast-paced step mania. Buy it.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Jan 29, 2003)
Simply put, DDR Max features the same addictive gameplay of the previous games, but with a lot more options. Considering the sheer number of songs presented, the game more than makes up for itself value wise, but if you then throw in all the specific choices you can add to a round of dancing, you'll find yourself in DDR Nirvana. Dancers and fans of the series shouldn't be caught dead without this disc inside their PS2, and even the most rhythmically challenged gamer should give it a shot. They'll probably find a new favorite for their collection.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Nov 11, 2002)
It doesn?t matter if you?re a DDR star or have two (or more) left feet?games like DDRMAX are worth playing just for the giddy I-didn?t-know-games-could-be-like-this experience. Try this one with friends but without inhibitions.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Nov 09, 2002)
As far as DDR games go, this here is about as good as your gonna get. Fans of the PSX release, DDR Konamix, should also find satisfaction in the fact that this game is, to some extent, backwards compatible with it. Any stepping data you created in Konamix can be easily transferred into DDRMAX. Overall, there isn’t enough innovation or technical upgrades to make this title stand out from the previous DDR releases.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Nov, 2002)
DDR Max is still funky and fun, but not altogether fresh anymore. It almost feels too soon of a release after Konamix earlier this year. I would rather wait a little longer for some better video footage, expanded song lists, and whatever new additions are made to invigorate the DDR formula. Nonetheless, DDR Max is still better than Darrin's Dance Groove and makes for a fun way to burn off the upcoming Thanksgiving foodfest.
PlayStation (GAF) (Jun 08, 2004)
Definitely pick this one up eventually for the small-but-exclusive songlist (nearly all of which isn’t available in future home mixes), but as far as value, longevity and overall fun factor goes, you’re much better off going with 7th Mix or Extreme before this one.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Oct 28, 2002)
With a name like DDRMAX, you might expect this game to be the ultimate realization of the Dance Dance Revolution concept. Instead, DDRMAX is really just a slight refinement of the well-established DDR formula. Though, in the end, DDRMAX is only the third Dance Dance Revolution game to appear in the US, so dance enthusiasts who aren't import savvy will find DDRMAX to be a fine addition to the series, even if it isn't a full-on revolution.
PlayStation (UK) (Jun 05, 2003)
Overall, this release is a case of 'more of the same', or possibly more accurately 'less of the same'. It's pointless trying to pretend that this isn’t a vaguely fun exercise because its incredible popularity and associated sales figures will prove us hopelessly wrong. It's just abundantly clear to us that this does very little that the other three Dancing Stage game didn't do, which are cheaper and have better songs on them in any case. Better visuals, different songs, one new move, and, um a tenner more. Is that enough to tempt you?