Dead Angle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Hello Darling.
Let's get shooting.
Men coming from all angles.
On the balcony.
Which one first?
End of level boss.
On a ship.
Keep shooting.
That's my cabin.
Another boss.
New York.
At the docks.
Hit him.
Shoot him into the water.

SEGA Master System version

Level 1 Napoli
When in front of an enemy you turn red
You can move up the screen as well as sideways
Enemies appear in windows
The first boss
Level 2 New York
Enemies appear in different coloured suits
Goons jumping off the boat
Your character ducking for cover
The second boss
Level 3 New York Hotel
Patrol the corridors
The third boss
Dodge his knifes
Level 4 Chicago
Green bad guys
A tommy gun pick up
The fourth boss
Level 5 the hall
Enemies pop up from behind pillars
On the second floor
Fifth boss
Shoot the grenades before they reach you
Level 6 The bosses room
You have to fight all the past level bosses before you fight the main boss
Theres the boss
Youre fired