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Windows version

Title screen
Intro. The anonymous drunk guy is enjoying the party... or is he?
Choosing the character
Loading screen
The game starts in a hotel room
You'll need to move the mouse several times to open such a door
What a view, what a view...
A few survivors in a shack
The zombie shakes you violently. Quickly press mouse buttons to loosen his grip. It's pretty scary
Dancing? No sir. That guy is too dead for that
Level up screen. Choose how to upgrade your character
Viewing the map
I just want to take a break from all those zombies....
Just keep exploring - you may find wallets in such suitcases, or strange inscriptions, or both...
Excuse me? Sir? Are you the life saver? Oh, sorry, you mean life SUCKER?..
I hope she didn't have time to call her friends...
Terrifying scene: a guy has killed his zombie-infected relatives in a pool of blood
Many items can be picked up in rooms
Damn! You haven't seen my cleaning bill, have you?
Tell me what posters you have, and I'll tell you who you are
Upgrading weapons at a workbench
Ahh, yet another wonderful view. What's that? What am I holding?.. Err... ahmm.... I just... ehh... wanted to eat a schnitzel today
NPCs don't really have interesting routines here. Smoking is what this guy will do no matter when I visit him
Get used to such sights...
...and such. Certain zombie types are VERY fast; don't think you could always drive faster than they can run
Ahh, finally a gun! That just feels so good...
Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?
Come on guys, just look at the view... we don't have to fight and kill each other... right?
Rain poured down from vengeful skies. I stood amidst the desolate streets of Moresby, a scythe in my hand, a living incarnation of death...
Seconds in safe place
Knife party
TPP (scroll lock)
Another TPP shot
Xian Mei
Blood pool with zombies
Stab the zombie

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Intro movie: let's get ready to party...
The girls are crazy at this party, don't you think?
Welcome to Banoi, what a beautiful beach and resort.
Except for the corpses littering the ground.
You will get swamped by Undead. Thrown weapons will stick to them for retrieval.
Watch out, you can be knocked down and easily surrounded.
Find blueprints in order to create modified weapons.
Use the workbench to repair, upgrade and create weapons.
Usage wears weapons down. Repair them to keep their damage high.
Once you collected the blueprint and the needed parts, you can create modified weapons with special effects.
Your inventory
You can throw gas canisters.
Immediately shoot them for explosions. Make sure to stay out of the blast area though.
Buy soft drinks to replenish your health.
You will also fight gangs and other humans scavenging for supplies.
You will find electronic parts inside PCs.
Where have I seen this before I wonder?
Be aware that every body lying on the ground may attack you. Make sure to stomp it before it gets up.
A mounted gun... come get some!
Survivors will give you missions. You will either get money or items as a reward.
Quest screen
Skill screen. There are four different characters with three skill trees each.
Fighting is seriously gory and brutal, not for the faint hearted!
No game without loot and there is a lot of loot in this game.
Since we are on a tropical island, you will also venture into the jungle.
Quick access menu for weapons
Certain locations can be reached via fast travel to avoid long ways.
Some doors are locked and need to be opened with this mini game.
Try to avoid close combat. This will result in some QTE.
No jungle without Japanese bunkers
Map with points of interest and some basic route information
You will get guard quests where you have to make sure that your companion survives.
A thug, slow but tough. Make sure to learn its attack pattern.
Don't get fooled by zombies in bikinis, they will attack.
Get used to scenes like this, you will see it a lot.
The Ram will charge you and damage everything in its way, even zombies.

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