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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):
    Tauchen Sie ein in ein packendes Adventure, angelehnt an den bekannten Roman "Hotel 'Zum verunglückten Bergsteiger'" aus der Feder der Gebrüder Strugatzki. Polizeiinspektor Peter Glebski will seinen wohlverdienten Winterurlaub in der Abgeschiedenheit der Berge verbringen. Kurz nach seiner Ankunft im Hotel verschüttert eine Lawine den einzigen Zufahrtsweg und die Gäste sind von der Außenwelt abgeschnitten. Merkwürdige Dinge nehmen ihren Lauf und die Ereignisse überschlagen sich, als ein Hotelgast tot aufgefunden wird. Der Inspektor beginnt zu ermitteln und stößt bei seinen Untersuchungen auf viele dunkle Geheimnisse. Gelingt es ihm, diesen Mordfall aufzuklären? Oder steht sogar sein eigenes Leben auf dem Spiel? Erleben Sie ein spannendes Abenteuer und lassen Sie sich von der geheimnisvollen Atmosphäre und wundervollen Grafik verzaubern.

    Die Features des Spiels:

    • Packende Mischung aus Krimi und Mystery
    • Mehr als 120 atmosphärische Schauplätze
    • Liebevoll herausgearbeitete Charaktere
    • Alterative Spielenden und Varianten innerhalb der Geschichte für anhaltenden Spielspaß
    • Angelehnt an den bekannten Roman "Hotel 'Zum verunglückten Bergsteiger'" von arkadi und Boris Strugatzki.

    Contributed by PolloDiablo (16901) on Jun 11, 2010. (Developer's website, Russian):
    Добро пожаловать в великолепный отель, затерявшийся в живописной альпийской долине Бутылочное Горлышко. Естественная красота и свободные от рутины дни правят здесь. Добро пожаловать в комфортабельные комнаты с первоклассными видами, приезжайте и присядьте около камина, оставив позади свою усталость. Добро пожаловать в место, где Вас ожидает тайна, а призрак погибшего альпиниста оставляет свои знаки.

    Здесь есть все, что бы не пожелал самый скрупулезный клиент. Здесь более чем Вы хотели – Вы встретитесь и с противоречиями и со странными несчастными случаями. Здесь прибывают интересные люди, чьи отношения нормальны лишь на первый взгляд. Добро пожаловать в мир масок – здесь ею обладает каждый.

    Вы получите несколько мистических исчезновений и смертей. Вы получите тысячу вопросов. Найдете ответы, но будьте осторожны – ведь так легко сойти с ума. Получите страх, ненависть и страсть - кипите, сколько пожелаете, но не сгорите дотла.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (192847) on May 25, 2010. (Developer's website, English):
    Welcome to the beautiful hotel lost in a picturesque alpine valley Bottle Neck. The natural beauty and days free from routine rule here. Welcome to comfortable rooms with first-rate views, come and sit near the fireplace and leave your weariness behind. Welcome to the place where the mystery is waiting for you and the lost climber`s ghost leaves his signs.

    There is everything the most fastidious client wants. There is more than you want - you`ll find strange accidents and contradictions. There are interesting people who`s relations are so normal only at first sight. Welcome to the world of masks - everyone here has some.

    You`ll get some mystical disappearances and deaths. You`ll get thousand of questions. Take some answers but watch yourself - it`s easy to become insane. Get the fear, hate and passion - boil as long as you wish but don't burn to ashes.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (192847) on May 25, 2010.
    The remote hotel stands atop an ominous snow-peaked mountain, and death permeates every inch of the place. It was a crime, that much is sure, and the remote nature of the retreat means that the culprit is still roaming the halls.

    Which of the guests is capable of this? Whose past hides sinister truths and who has the most to gain? Secrets will out and skeletons will not stay buried.

    Based on a story by the famous Russian authors, the Strugatsky Brothers, Dead Mountaineer's Hotel will test all you detection skills as well as your ideas of right and wrong. The beautifully detailed, pre-rendered backgrounds provide the perfect backdrop to this twist on the traditional detective novel.

    Do you have what it takes to unravel the threads behind this mysterious case, and where will you side should your own feelings conflict with the law?

    Key features:

    • Engaging storyline, with a non-linear plot that lets you make your choices.
    • Over 120 gorgeous, pre-rendered locations.
    • More than 15 3D character models featuring real-time shadows.
    • Each with their own original stories and unique personalities.
    • AI simulation for all inhabitants of the gameworld to track their movements at all times.
    • Proprietary engine specifically developed for adventure games.
    • 15+ hours of intrigue-filled gameplay.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (192847) on May 25, 2010.

Lighthouse Interactive press release (October 13, 2009):

    Lighthouse Interactive Announces New Release Date for Shocking 'Whodunit' Mystery Adventure Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

    Toronto, Canada – October 13, 2008 – A new release date has been announced for Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel, the character-driven, non-linear mystery Adventure game for Windows® that invites players to solve the astonishing murder of one of the hotel’s guests and unveil the startling secrets surrounding the mystical Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. Leading video game publisher Lighthouse Interactive has decided to extend the production schedule in order to further polish the game. Originally scheduled to hit retail shelves this year, Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel will be releasing in Q1 2009.

    “Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel brings a fresh gameplay approach to the Adventure game genre,” said Steve Wall, V.P. Business Development at Lighthouse Interactive. “Incorporating multiple paths, consequences, and 5 different endings, which are dependent upon the player’s decisions and behaviour, are key elements that will enhance the Adventure gaming experience.”

    Lighthouse Interactive is part of SilverBirch Inc.’s (SVB:TSXV) video game division.

    Playing as a vacationing police detective traveling through a snowy mountain range, you are caught in an avalanche and seek shelter at a remote inn – Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel. Upon your arrival everything appears normal. You meet the other hotel guests, talk about the stormy weather, have a drink, and take in the beautiful scenery… Quite unexpectedly, you are thrust into the heart of a compelling mystery that turns into an intricate and bizarre murder investigation.
    Strange and mystical events have been occurring at the hotel over the last few days leading up to the shocking murder. Each and every hotel guest becomes a criminal suspect. You must find the murderer and discover who, or what, is behind the disturbing incidences at the hotel. Reveal terrible secrets throughout your investigation and uncover the astounding truth behind Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel.

    • 5 different endings controlled by the player’s actions, decisions and behavior
    • An engrossing storyline set in a gorgeous game environment; from snow capped mountains to the incredibly detailed rooms of the secluded hotel
    • Robust 3D real-time game engine allows for truly non-linear gameplay
    • Explore a game world populated with dynamic lighting and shadows, and special effects (changes in weather, day and night gameplay sequences)
    • 15 unique and lifelike characters, each with their own personalities, stories and agendas
    For more information on Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel, bookmark the official website at and to keep up with the latest breaking news.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (192847) on May 25, 2010.