Dead or Alive 2 Screenshots

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Dreamcast version

game modes
Character selection
KO on Tina
Winner - Lei-Fang
Cut scenes between matches - Helena going to fight Lei-Fang
Tag Battle start
Kasumi vs Lei-Fang
Kasumi stomping move on Lei-Fang's head
KO replay cut scene kicking Lei-Fang out the stained glass window

PlayStation 2 version

I remember the days when I was ten pixels tall... Ryu Hayabusa returns again, this time he even brought along his Ninja Gaiden outfit.
Cold, cruel combat. Many of the levels, like this snow scene, are quite beautiful.
Multi-level style. This old Chinese castle is an example of the large arenas. And, yes, you can fall off and land on the level below.
Look out below! Gen Fu demonstrates attacking an opponent you just knocked off an upper level.
Perfection. Tina returns, as does her cat suit.
Striking a pose. Tina and new-comer Leon fight it out on a rooftop.
Experience over cuteness. Gen Fu teaches Lei Fang not to judge him by his age.
Zack approaches new heights of weirdness. Wearing his reflective Snork-like suit, Zack role-plays out a future conversation with Tina with his prairie dog pal.
Fear my style. New character Ein has an impressive fighting style. His fashion sense isn't always as keen.
Now that's a pile driver! Many of the ninja characters can add a finisher to an air juggle maneuver.
My kind of challenge. Lei Fang intercepts Helena in an elevator.
This balcony's not big enough for the both of us! Helena shows Lei-Fang the quickest way to the Mezzanine section....
Enter the Dragon. Not only does the Chinese castle level allow you to fall down levels outside, but also fall into the castle's interior.
Cough up that cheesecake. Survivor mode offers a secondary incentive of collecting various items; everything from lipstick to combat knives.
Call me Bruce... Jann Lee prepares to snuff out a candle with the force of fist in a cutscene.
A bold statement. In tag mode, not only do certain characters have special manuevers with teammates they like, but they often have special introduction and victory sequences.
Shoulder dislocation 101. Counters and grapples are an integral part of the game's fighting style.
So what's Ayane's ERA? Stats are kept for how often each character is played and how well they are doing against each other, just for those who love numbers.
Deadly, yet demure. Playing a five character team battle opens up a pin-up section, with some of the characters in everything from elegant dresses to swimwear.
Hold still! I've almost completely dusted you! Tengu, based on the mythical creature of the same name, is the boss character you can later play.