Boss battle - Mayor PinnacleContributed by MAT (179127) on Nov 28, 2004.

This may as well be the longest and most exhausting boss fight in the game. You'll be in a fight mode and each time Pinnacle hits you will deal ten times stronger damage than you to him. Furthermore, you'll hear Jack saying that he should find a way to exhaust Pinnacle 'cos he seems too strong. That's the tricky part, you can be far away from him and let him ram towards you all the time and he will still have energy. So, how to exhaust him then? Let him kick you in the teeth? Nope, that won't do either. You must dodge his every hit.

If he hits you, you'll waste dodging time for nothing as that seems to give him back his strange lust for destruction. You may try pressing TRIANGLE to jump around him or even towards him and then quickly pull back. After a while, he'll take a short rest to get some breath and then it's time for you to strike. However, if you kick him with fist of leg, he will barely lose any HP and you cannot finish him off that way anyway. So how then? You get behind him and use either of the kicking buttons to grab him around the neck and must press specified buttons as quickly as possible to lower his HP more in the short time period. That is the only way to completely defeat him.

However, as a side note, if you try a different approach, let him grab you by the neck and then maniacally press X and CIRCLE repeatedly to break off and launch a foot spin at his face, you will not be able to fully defeat him. It will take longer, too. But, when he reaches near-zero health, you kicks of any kind will no longer work, so your only option is to exhaust him and grab him around the neck.

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