Boss battle - Fahook UbduhlContributed by MAT (177598) on Nov 28, 2004.

Now this battle is not as hard as it may be tricky to think of solution to. The current battle mode is a weapon one and the fight takes place in the cargo jet plane. When you break through to Fahook, he'll start shooting and running around, at the most. So you do the same until he decides to flee to the back of the plane.

This part requires a lot more running and hiding from your side. You'll see two gauges on his behalf, higher will show his health and lower his alcohol bottle bar. The battle is the same, you both run and shoot at each other, except this time he will breath fire at you with the help of his alcohol bottle. You must be hidden behind certain crates at those times, and even then you can catch a fire, so it's good to be on a diagonal side form him. When you cut his HP to about half, he'll drink himself to restoration. Luckily, you can get a machine gun that respawns quite quickly near the corridor doors.

The only way to harm him is to somehow rid him of that alcohol bottle. Well, the only time you can do that is the short time as he restores his health by drinking. You must use proper R button to manually aim and shoot the flask. You can approach as close as possible since you'll have enough time. Repeat this until you destroy the flask so he will only shoot at you and you at him. Using crates and stacks of stolen gold as a cover, you should eventually prevail in the shootout.

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