Boss battle - Dick HennesseyContributed by MAT (179127) on Nov 28, 2004.

None other than the colleague cop from the intro. Or at least you didn't know he's gone bad when you started the game. He is the final boss and after him the game is over. On the bright side, he doesn't pose much of the threat if you go on comparing him to other bosses. Fight before him is much more exhausting and tense, but with him you fight without weapons, and in a furnace alike room with lots of fire around. You should have no trouble kicking him the first half of his health with a regular hand fighting combos. Although try keeping near the entry doors since once fire gets you you can loose an entire armour and health pretty quickly.

After you cut his HP to half, he'll go and open the furnace, and his iron gloves will burn with fire alright. Still, he will be no tougher to defeat than during the first half of encounter. But you will not be able to defeat him with just fighting, since when his HP reaches low point, you will not be able to lower it to zero. So yes, there's a hint to deal with his demise as well. He didn't open the furnace just because he was cold :)

Luckily for you, earlier in the game you learned how to defense when someone tries to grab you. Now, try getting near the furnace, but don't come too close, and let him force his kicks upon you while you're defending, and break away from his throwing moves. After you successfully defend from that, you can try to grab him and as quickly as possible turn the analog button towards the furnace to throw him in that direction. That will still not fully kill him, but a single kick after that will. Also, you may try the three hand punches combo mixed with fourth leg works if he's near the fire to try and kick him in the stomach and send flying to a hot blazing zone. After this is done, watch the credits and don't skip anything, you may find yourself amusing at a certain sentences there.

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