Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Options screen.
Game is split into several episodic chapters.
Getting familiar with the basic gameplay controls.
Our FBI agent has a nice looking sports car, but alas, not for long.
FBI agent Francis Morgan, arriving in the middle of nowhere to investigate the brutal murder.
Turn on the pocket flashlight when in darker areas.
You can pick up the item or sent it to your storage box.
Fences can be destroyed which in many cases will reveal the passage they block.
Picking up items has a retro feel which resemble that of the first horror-survival games.
It's a wonder how I got away unscathed from the accident... time to continue on foot.
Profiling requires you to find key items before you can figure out what happened.
The town's sky becomes red and town itself becomes really dangerous when it pours.
Something seemed to have attacked this dog... better be on your guard.
Weapons like shotgun won't become available until later in the game, but on your replay you will have all the collected weapons.
Time to turn on the generator... red glow marks the necessary thing in order to proceed the game.
Attacked by the ghastly creature... aim for the head for best results.
Starting your profiling.
Shoot at the fuel barrels will take out all nearby enemies.
Pause menu.
Current location map.
List of collected trading cards.
Introducing new characters.
Before starting the episode, events from the previous episode are displayed as a short prologue.
If you're tired, get some sleep or drink coffee.
Switch clothes and clean the used ones so you don't start to stink.
Your beard will grow over time, so shave every now and then.
You can drive vehicles in first-person perspective and look around the car interior.
You'll mostly drive police cars and be pretty limited with the speed you can drive at.
You can enlarge the area map while driving, but it will obscure your view.
Reaching your next destination to progress the story.
Use phones in the game to save your game progress.
Checking your current mission objective.
Exploring the police station, looking for the key.
Deputy Thomas can't seem to find his keys... didn't think I would help the local police in this way.
Autopsy of the first victim.
Occasionally, you'll be presented with a choice during dialogues.
Peeking inside the diner after closing time.
When it's raining, it's pouring... try not to stay in town after midnight.
Trying to recollect past events while writing a case report.
After certain part is cleared, you will be awarded your salary for the duration.
The killer has a thing for theatrics.
Visit the gas station when you're low on gas.
Checking the Swears bar.
While investigating the case, you will also recollect the events from your past.
Playing as Emily, while agent York is being captured by the suspect in the recent killings.
Town-folks are being influenced by a strange purple gas... try not to engage in combat.

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro: two innocent-looking and slightly creepy twin kids set the mood for upcoming horror...
...which doesn't take long to hit you. Scary, scary stuff awaits you in this game
Loading screens offer some essential information about the game's many items
Cutscenes featuring this little girl are set in a different timeline and are unique to this Director's Cut release
Each episode starts with York in this very weird place
Introducing Francis York Morgan, the mysterious unreliable narrator. He actually starts off by discussing the relationship between Tom and Jerry, the cartoon characters
This is your main menu screen. Access everything else from here
Your inventory. Weapons and a variety of items of various purposes
Your first encounter with a zombie - indoors. One of the many, many to come, especially against this particular enemy
Outdoor battle. Shoot the barrel to instantly kill nearby enemies
Oh, the dreaded Raincoat Killer! One of the many sequences involving his never-expected appearance. Also, a rare case where QTEs are scary rather than annoying
Most action missions also involve gathering and examining clues
This road leads to the town. You can just walk or run around this huge area if you want to. Overwhelming freedom for a horror game!
Your room. Nice place, isn't it? Note the mission marker
Shaving actually changes your appearance and raises your salary! I wish the second part were true in real life...
Introducing one of the many interesting, eccentric characters
This hilariously bizarre cutscene may, like some others, lead to such prompts
Cruisin' in a car! Overlooking the lake. See how intense atmosphere is created with an outdated engine
The indispensable map of the town. Every place of interest is marked. Go explore!
You abandon your mission and go on foot, curious to see what the town has to offer. First encounter: a cute dog!
You can peek in the windows of many buildings and see what's going on inside. This is a closed bar... doesn't look like the gig is on
Police station
When it rains, it pours!.. You drive through the town center. Note the angry skies...
You can switch the camera for this view. You've wandered off to abandoned railway tracks
You can smoke cigarettes to advance time
You can go to the local diner when it's open and have a meal
The Clock Tower
It's night. Starry skies. You drive downhill, overlooking the sleepy town...
Full moon! Loneliness in the graveyard!.. Wooooo!!... You just want to soak in this game's atmosphere
Collect enough trading cards and you'll gain a sub quest from a certain character!..
Extra - customize the looks of some characters and cars
Extra - photos taken by the developers in the USA
You can replay any chapter from the menu
Ah, the R.Killer
As usual, Japanese devs have a problem designing an adequate PC control scheme ;)
Got an item
Extra - well, Emily, this new uniform certainly suits you!
Extra - oh, anime police car, how cute