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Windows version

Look, a title screen!
You can choose what level to start the game in, but you have to unlock the stages first. That's progression, kiddos! Didn't they teach you that in school?
That's right, the dorks that made those Transformers games rejected my ideas! I'll show 'em!
Why do I need a script? I'm Deadpool!
That's right, you get an achievement for getting off your ass.
Deadpool's apartment comes with free internets.
I thought I was gonna kill some dudes, not play one of those Japaneeseey adult games!
Manuals? Eh, who needs 'em! In-game tutorials, that's what it's all about.
Kill baddies or pick up icons with my face on 'em... decisions decisions.
Oh hey look, a store! I can buy those forks that the Ninja Turtles use!
Pro tip: Never light a match while I'm in the bathroom.
Kill enough enemies to fill up a power bar which gives you access to special moves that can be upgraded with DP Points.
You can take a beating, but you're not immortal! At least, not in the game. Your screen will turn red when your health is low.
Of course, if you die, you die. But you can get back into the action quickly.
Once you buy upgrades you also get finishing moves that let you instakill enemies that are stunned! Nifty!
You also have Challenges, which are basically endurance rounds where you've got to kill all the baddies in three to five minutes.
Once you clear a Challenge stage in Gold difficulty, you can play through it without any time limits, and with a special costume. Like Ballerina Deadpool over here.