The Death and Return of Superman Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Bad guys
I'm so cool, so cool...
Fighting a bad guy
Fighting two bad guys with a thing you picked up
Riding a descending platform
Fighting a flying bad guy

SNES version

Title screen.
Superman fighting strange underground mutants.
Superman flying.
Shooting off his X-Ray eyes.
The Cyborg, Gradius-style
Cyborg Superman's dive attack
Cyborg Superman's special
Cyborg Superman boss fight
Superman vs Doomsday
Superman and Doomsday both deliver the killing blow
Krypton's Last Son beats some punks
Kryton's Last Son in a shoot-em-up segment
Krypton's Last Son's special
Kryton's Last Son delivers a jumping kick
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It's Superman vs Superman in no-holds-barred grudge match!
Heat vision
The Man of Steel takes a hit
The Man of Steel and his mighty hammer
The Man of Steel's rivet gun
The Man of Steel's special
The Man of Steel dodges traps
Superboy fights the Sex Pistols
Superboy's special
Superboy's TK blast
Superboy vs the flying robots
Super-Man Bio
The Cyborg Bio
The Eradicator Bio
Super-Boy Bio
Steel Bio