Death Knights of Krynn Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Rolling demo - Evil still lurks...
Rolling demo - Explore cities...
Rolling demo - Find rare and magical treasures.
Rolling demo - City at night
Rolling demo - Evil is everywhere...
Rolling demo - Dread wolf lurks...
Rolling demo - Battle
The beautiful Lady Maya stands...
A huge death dragon...
Sir Karl, the zombie version.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Creating a new character.
Changing a character's graphic
The festival begins...
... but is immediately interrupted by none other than the undead Sir Karl.
Battling the undead
A dwarf is attacking a skeleton

DOS version

Strategic Simulations, Inc. proudly presents...
Main Map - The Story Begins...
Title Screen
New enemies, new adventures...
That WAS Sir Karl...
Bank of Gargath - One of the many services in the realm.
Battle nightmarish creatures
Many friends found death in the struggle against evil, or did they...?
Attacking Dreadwolf
We are in Temple
The Dream Merchant - No one messes with him, they say...everyone's gotta sleep sometime.
Meet Sir Durfey - Undead Hunter and Solamnic Knight extrodinare!
Combating Undead Knights with comrade Sir Durfey and other Solamnic Knights
Undead chickens!! And you thought you've seen them all...
Camping - Heal wounds and memories spells
Solamnic Knight Order of the Rose - Character Stats. One of the unique classes in the Dragonlance Epic
The Trainning Hall. Basically its the same with the main menu, only with additional training options

PC-98 version

Title screen
My colorful party meets a dude in a serious need of eye care
High-level party vs. a morbid-looking knight
Exploring an unwelcoming wilderness
Here, doggy, doggy!..
Combat screen. Someone is dead...
Character creation
Character parameters
Choosing character icons
Map of Krynn
Lovely lady...
Intense outdoor battle