Death Track: Resurrection

Death Track: Resurrection Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Introduction to the story through a TV broadcast
Choose one of the available primary weapons or upgrade to a better model
Car selection screen
Prague track overview
The famous tower in Paris is burning.
Using the machine gun to target some enemies
My opponent has driven through a fire oil slick, eating away from his armour.
A big crash
Race results
Colliding in a futuristic environment
About to pick up a haste power-up
Kissing the track edge
Fly through new tracks
A large jump in a Drag race
Entering the ruins of Moscow
Skidding through a corner
Some tracks have robots that target you with lasers.
Overview of the goals in the Challenge mode
Shoot the environment to introduce more obstacles for your opponents.
At the back of the pack with a new car
Viewing some pictures in the gallery