Death Village Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting the Network stage.
One of the tutorials
Kevin should reach the exit door while walking past other doors and not getting scared.
When the stage is clear, the playfield is moved from the screen by the mummy.
Kevin is sliding on slipping stairs.
Stage editor
Selecting the main stages.
Stage information
While Kevin is walking below, the mummy is awoken.
Kevin is scared to death by the mummy.
The ghost finds Kevin and scares him to death after time has run out.
Jumping through the thin floor, Kevin finally approaches the exit door.
Stage overview
Kevin is scared of another ghost appearing in a window.
Kevin jumps from one house to another using the slipping stairs.
Moon running to the edge.
It is raining outside the house.
Game Over. Kevin is dead.