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Unusual-looking platformer Genesis Gary Smith (65)
Despite the title, it's good fun for all ages Genesis dancinhomer (9)

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GenesisDefunct Games (Oct 23, 2016)
Decap Attack is one of the Genesis' hidden gems. It was largely ignored back then in favor of a certain blue hedgehog, but it deserves a second look. Vic Tokai took their initial concept and refined it to create a near-masterpiece. If they tried to refine it any more, they probably would have messed it up. It's a good thing they quit when they were a head. (Sorry, I couldn't avoid that last pun.)
GenesisSega Force (UK) (Jan, 1992)
The biggest drawback with Decap-attack is that however well presented, it's still only a platforms-and-ladders game, and as such is hardly original. Every element has been seen before in one for or another, and Chuck's island romp adds nothing new to an already over-used genre. It's still great fun though and if your cartridge collection is totally devoid of platform games, you could do worse than invest in a copy. If not, then it's nothing to lose your head over.
80 (Dec 23, 2011)
Decap Attack es una aventura divertida, graciosa, llena de acción de la buena y protagonizada por personajes inolvidables. Entre el terror y el humor está el punto medio y el equilibrio para gustar a todo tipo de público. Sus numerosas fases y su dificultad creciente nos mantendrán pegados a la pantalla con gusto. Si esto juntamos la curiosa historia de su origen la leyenda se acrecienta, pero también resulta un poco descorazonador que sea un rediseño completo de un videojuego basado en un anime desconocido en Occidente y que su fórmula jugable haya sido tan explotada por Vic Tokai en los anteriores juegos. Eso sí, de todas las versiones y anteriores entregas, Decap Attack es la mejor.
80 (Jun 24, 2004)
If you're looking for some fun action on your Genesis and have the time to play it through, Decap Attack is a definite purchase.
Vom Spielaufbau her ähnelt Decap Attack stark Sonic the Hedgehog und Castle of Illusion . Viele Merkmale dieser Spitzen-Programme wurden hier vereinigt und das nicht einmal schlecht. Leider kommen Grafik als auch Sound nicht an die großen Vorbilder heran. In Punkto Spielbarkeit und Steuerung läßt das Spiel kaum Wünsche offen und wird nicht nur Liebhabern Jump-‘n‘-Runs Freude bereiten.
GenesisPlay Time (Dec, 1991)
Das ganze Spiel erinnert in seiner Machart etwas an den “Supersonic-Igel“, erreicht aber selten dessen Geschwindigkeit oder gar Spielwitz. Vielmehr lebt DecapAttack von seiner eigenen skurrilen Idee, die auch grafisch gut, unter anderem mit Konträrscrolling, umgesetzt wurde. Die Hintergrundmusik allerdings fällt gegenüber dem optischen Eindruck etwas ab. Auf jeden Fall geht man sicher, hier keine Kopfschmerzen zu bekommen.
70 (Jun 07, 2012)
Après un illustre premier volet, le studio Vic Tokai décide de reprendre le gameplay atypique de Psycho Fox sous un nouveau jour. Dommage cependant que ce transfert n'ait été que partiellement réalisé, laissant le système de transformations sur le bas-côté, alors remplacé par un nouveau concept peu convaincant. Néanmoins, l'univers horrifique mâtiné d'une bonne dose de dérision, est particulièrement rafraîchissant et original. Sans être palpitante, l'aventure offerte par notre cher zombie sans tête saura ravir les fans de la première heure qui retrouveront les sensations éprouvées avec le renard déjanté. Quant aux amateurs de challenge à base de plates-formes, ils ne seront pas en reste, car ils trouveront en Decap Attack un défi correspond à leur attente.
GenesisVideo Games (Apr, 1991)
Zwar sind Gegner und Level-Design nicht sonderlich innovativ und man entdeckt geradezu dutzendweise Elemente aus den Mario-Spielen, dafür sind die lustigen Kopfattacken von Chuck eine schöne neue Idee. Das Altbekannte wurde zudem sehr solide eingesetzt. Da alle Sega-Besitzer wohl nie ein echtes Mario-Abenteuer erleben werden, ist Decapattack mit all seinen "Anlehnungen" eine willkommene Abwechslung im sonst etwas tristen Jump'n'Run-Alltag der Mega-Drive-Spieler.

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GenesisRetrogaming History (Mar 17, 2010)
DecapAttack non è certo un titolo che resterà nella storia del Megadrive, ma resta comunque un passatempo divertente. Non guadagnerà molti punti nemmeno riguardo all’originalità del sistema di gioco, ma se ne aggiudicherà sicuramente altri per la presentazione generale che saprà strappare di sicuro qualche sorriso. In definitiva lo consiglio vivamente a tutti gli amanti dei platform classici, ma anche a chi cerca un titolo non troppo impegnativo per distendersi un po’.
GenesisGame Freaks 365 (Jul 05, 2010)
The game is pretty difficult. You get a tiny amount of health and only three lives to work with. In that respect, don’t expect to get through on your first try. At the same time, some of the levels give you the feeling that you were cheated a life as the controls do not always cooperate the way you want them to. In closing, Decap Attack a fairly standard platformer that I would not go out of my way to play. It is relatively enjoyable, but does not do enough to add to the genre that would make it worth buying.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Mar 19, 2000)
In this offbeat platform game, you control a mummy with a head in his chest and a skull on his shoulders. Now there's something you don't see everyday! The game has a distinctive cartoonish horror theme, but some of the characters and bosses simply defy description. The gameplay is more typical. You jump from platform to platform while punching and jumping on enemies. The goal is to reach the end of the stage, although it's not always obvious where that is. You can pick up powerups, which become accessible on a separate screen thanks to the painfully awkward user interface. You also have the power to throw your head, which is a lot of fun since you can take out several enemies at once. Wierd music fits the game well. On the negative side, the stages are pretty generic and unexciting. There is an interesting bonus stage, but you really don't have much control in it. Decap Attack tries to be different, but it's just another mediocre platform game.
28 (Apr 15, 2006)
Outside of having a clever naming system, DeCap Attack pretty much took the worst elements of every platform game you could think of at the time, put them in a blender, urinated in it and gave it to unsuspecting parents to give to their children for Christmas back in 1991. Thanks, Mom.