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Genesis version

Chuck's strange world
Title Screen
Bust up the statues for power-ups
Eventually you'll find a skull to use as a head.
Chuck's internal punching head.
Chuck is being chased by a giant totem pole.
The Inventory screen
The Game Over screen
The first boss
The second boss in toad-al
The third boss is riding on a fountain of water.
The fourth boss is nested inside a flying brain.
Another level where you have to escape from a moving thread - and this one's got a large range.
Mole-ested the fifth boss
Eat dirt!
Like in Psycho Fox, you can bounce off the water surface.
Blimey, it's a boss fight!
Watch out! arrows!
Walk in the bottom of the water tank
El Beau Island
Escape from totem
Ghosts everywhere!
Frog with hammer

Windows version

Title screen
Game starts
Arrow guy
Jumping guy
Ghost and bear
Doc and Igor
Jumping stick
First boss
Dead fish
Flying duck
Swimming mammals
Deadly totem
Hard jumping
Weird columns
Walking skulls
Another boss
Some snow
Frog(?) with hammer
Big-eyes fish
Weird turtle with spikes

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