Deception III: Dark Delusion Screenshots

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PlayStation version

A pretty-pretty loading screen
The title screen [640x480 originally 512x480]
Main menu [640x480 originally 512x480]
Before you begin slaughtering the bad guys, the game allows you to practice on some stationary targets.
Behold Reina - our tragic heroine.
Main in-game menu
Trap placement screen
Eat pendulum and snack on a bear-trap - evil-doer!
It all starts with a dream...
This nice lady rescues Reina from a bunch of thugs.
Ohh, come on Tecmo! Why does Reina bear such a striking resemblance to DOA's Kasumi?
Another pretty loading screen
Most cutscenes are rendered using the in-game engine.
One glance is enough to establish the fact that this guy's a bastard!
Err... Poor girl
Rendered in-game, Reina's flashbacks use some awesome filtering techniques.
Hmm.. this lady looks familiar!
While not particularly gory, the game makes you feel bad for every life you take.
It's like being hit by a train - a solid concrete train.
Setting up trap combos is a necessary skill to master.
Whoops! Without her traps Reina is just a defenseless child.
Some traps look just downright nasty.
These guys appear to be on your side.
Enter another bad guy.
Mission tally