Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

This is the place where we go
Title screen
Ups, some animal
Very bad snake
Oh well, seems we got to return it, then... and so the story begins.
Take that, ugly snake!
Hang on, Donald!
Jungle's boss is someone to run from!
At the inlet, we go for a swim.
Yeah, the nearest fish made something bad.
Those big fishes are sleeping, but their breath is quite powerful.
Nice mouth with little teeth, the seashell has.
Uh oh...
Oops, wrong movement :P
Right in the...
Yeah! A shark with a golden fang!!! Excellent!
We begin in the valley and have to climb the mountains. Seems I'm not the only one!
Arrived at the top of the mountain and still goats here.. heugh...
Take that, you ugly Yeti monster (or whatever it is).
Must crouch.. else...
Pink and strong eagle. Pink = interesting :)
Visited maps. Now time to go to the volcano.
Go back where you came from!
This small fire is scary!
Moving platforms on the lava.
Run, Donald... RUUNN!!!
Oops! One inch less and...
brr.. my fluffy tail
Feel the power of Donald Duck !!!
Those pots are filled with crabs?
As always, the ruins have ghosts...
Here we have a small puzzle... I won't tell you how to solve it ;)

SEGA Master System version

Scrooge isn't quite feeling himself
The pendant is the cause of all this trouble
Title screen
The map screen - select where you want to go
Before each level, you'll see a screen like this
Kicking these bricks makes them fly up and down in an arc
Using a brick to destroy an enemy
Donald can walk along tree branches like this
Whacking these bricks makes them slide across the ground
Donald ate a chili, and now he's furious - and invincible!
Watch out for the stampede! Donald needs to hop from bird to bird to progress
A roast chicken (!) fully restores Donald's health
Donald is safe from thorns when riding on these bricks
At the end of each level, your score is tallied up
If you whack the vine with the brick, it will lower and you'll be able to climb it
Get hit, and Donald gets all riled up
You can climb the trees using these vines
Donald makes his way through the treetops
Uh oh! Donald has found a boss!
Donald explores the volcano
Watch out - he's about to hurl a rock at you!
Donald can safely ride on these bricks
Whacking a brick at the insect
These bats can pop out of nowhere