Defcon 5 Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

The title screen.
Wandering around the control room.
This menu allows you to interface with the station.

DOS version

Intro cinematic : the spaceship is flying through the city.
Intro cinematic: view of the city
Intro cinematic: 3 mysterious guys are discussing your mission.
Mission briefing
Title screen
Start of the game: entering shed A.
A closer door
Rooms in level 2
There is a bed inside.
Entering the transport module.
Rail transport system
Rail transport cut-scene
Another rail transport cut-scene
Entering Administration level 2.
Entering Administration level 4.
The "Virtual Operating System" that controls and monitors all the base's systems
One of the monitoring apps. The station won't stay green for long.
Manning one of the turrets during an attack.
Configure the turrets properly and you won't have to fight manually and risk death.

PlayStation version

Introduction movie
Arriving at the station.
Title screen
Game start
Rail transport system
Rail transport system cut-scene
Controls configuration
Domestic level 2
Health bonus
Domestic level 6
Admin level 2
Sentry robot
Blue generators
Admin level 6
Briefing video
Terminal screen
Base status
Emergency comms
Station map
Environmental status
Defense status
Green enemy