Defender of RON Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
reality-on-the-Norm welcomes the player
David Hasselhoff has collided in his KITT car with Phil Nihilist
Phil Nihilist has made a costume
Talking with the brother Dave Nihilist in Scid's bar
On the town square
At the entrance to Dr. Die Vie Ess’ mansion
Phil is imprisoned by evil Dr. Die Vie Ess
Hitting Dr. Die Vie Ess
Talking to the alley bum
Trying to get familiar with plans of David Hasselhoff
Near the gym
On the floor to Mika Huy's flat
In the museum of history
Mr. Reaper is trying to commit suicide
Examining the tree on the church's roof
Near the entrance to the hospital
Ready to examine Geoff lying on the table
Near the entrance to church
At the Davy Jones` tomb
Trying to stop David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff is slightly upset
The wall is broken
David Hasselhoff is hidden under Dave Nihilist's machine
Where is ‘Turquoise Daffodil’ gemstone?
Bonus picture for collecting all four bonus points
The End