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A little known CLASSIC game at the dawn of Modern GRAPHICS & Adult-themed gaming! Commodore 64 XplOrOrOr (16)
The classic of classics. Amiga Tomer Gabel (4644)
The atmosphere is so strong that you completely ignore any gameplay issues. PC Booter Trixter (9128)
Not as good as the Amiga version, but great fun nonetheless DOS Colin Rowsell (45)
Wow. DOS woods01 (163)
This is one of the greatest of the classics. Commodore 64 Tarzan Dan (29)
My favorite game ever. PC Booter Tomer Gabel (4644)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 50 4.0
Amstrad CPC 6 3.2
Android Awaiting 5 votes...
Apple IIgs 5 3.9
Atari ST 12 3.7
Browser Awaiting 5 votes...
CD-i 6 3.6
CDTV Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 30 3.8
DOS 48 3.6
Game Boy Advance 9 3.5
iPad Awaiting 5 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
Macintosh 6 3.8
NES 20 3.2
PC Booter 25 3.6
Windows Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 217 3.7

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MacintoshTechtite (2000)
In 1988, this Macintosh game was years ahead of the competition (not unlike many others of Techtite's choices, for Top 50 Multimedia Classics). You bought soldiers and other tools of conquest, then slowly attempted to reunite England, with you as king! Helping you on the way was Robin Hood himself, as well as a few peaceful jousting matches and other fun games- within- the- game. Fight a castle and first attempt to break down its defenses, by breaking apart its walls with a catapult...medieval "Breakout"! At one point in the game, a amiable king will ask for you to save his kidnapped daughter, in a min quest that, in its Mac version, even had bold, PG-13 undertones, and an even more immersive aspect of the story. This was one of my fave games in 1988, and one of my first programs for my first-ever Macintosh; a good memory...
Atari STPlay Time (Jun, 1991)
Obwohl Defender of The Crown schon ziemlich alt ist, so beweist es doch Spitzenqualität, trotz des geringen Anschaffungspreises.
AmigaPlay Time (Jun, 1991)
Obwohl Defender of The Crown schon ziemlich alt ist, so beweist es doch Spitzenqualität, trotz des geringen Anschaffungspreises.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Aug, 1987)
An experience which should not be missed by any disk drive owner.
Atari STYour Computer (Jan, 1988)
Defender of the Crown is everything on the ST everyone hoped it would be. Two scenes have been cut, like seeing Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, but they are fairly trivial and did not add much to the original game. With unbelievably good graphics, a few spot-sampled sound effects and all the charm of a Hollywood medieval epic, Defender of the Crown will be one of the hottest pieces of software this Christmas.
Commodore 64Your Commodore (Nov, 1987)
Playing Defender of the Crown was a joy, there are so many options open that each game you play is almost different. The love scene for instance is random - you never know when it's going to appear, so if you were out of cash, and a fair maiden needs rescuing it could be a good chance to bump up your readies. The graphics are also quite brathtaking and really build an atmosphere, though a lot of them are not animated. The music, well this is very good, loads of different tunes for each part of the gamme and very medieval too.
Commodore 64Commodore User (Aug, 1987)
[...] it's totally brilliant and one of the best games to date on the 64. It's deep, absorbing, addictive and amazing.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Oct, 1987)
Of course, the C64 can't duplicate the digitised sounds, or highly visual graphics of the Amiga, but you get a whole lot of game with this version of Defender of the Crown.
Atari STThe Atari Times (Mar 16, 2009)
Defender of the Crown for the Atari ST is by far the best version. It may not be as pretty as the Amiga version, but the execution is top-notch. I strongly suggest playing it! It is well worth the $10.00 it sells for on EBay.
CD-iPower Unlimited (Oct, 1993)
Defender of the Crown is een zeer afwisselend spel. Van alles komt op je af, onder andere taktiek, aktie en romantiek. Grafisch zit het bovendien schitterend in elkaar. Jammer dat het nogal traag loopt, zoals vele andere CD-I games.
NESRaze (Oct, 1991)
It's heartening to see that the NES-version of Defender of the Crown is more playable than the original Amiga version. The visual presentation is also superb - possibly the best of any NES game. Why it took so long to appear is a bit of a mystery, but those who purchased the original version will be intrigued to see what an excellent job Palcom have done with the 8-bit game. NES games just get better and better.
Bilanz: Toll, toll, toll! Grandiose Entwickler und Grafiker und der hervorragende AMIGA haben hier eine Leistung vollbracht, die vor einem Jahr keiner für möglich gehalten hätte. Das Grundgerüst ist natürlich nicht neu. Die meisten werden RISIKO darin sofort erkennen. Die Rosinen liegen in den animierten Zwischensequenzen, die man verbal einfach nicht beschreiben kann. Man erzählt, daß dem System AEGIS ANIMATOR erstellt worden seien, welches offensichtlich Routinen enthält, die in der Anleitung nicht erwähnt sind. Kritikwürdig in diesem Programm ist eigentlich wenig. Die Diskettenwechslerei ist zwar lästig, aber bei diesem Informationsumfang nicht zu vermeiden. Einen echten Nachteil habe ich darin entdeckt, daß man DEFENDER OF THE CROWN nicht zu zweit spielen kann.
DOSThe DOS Spirit (Dec 05, 2008)
Spillets innhold og atmosfære gjør det til en gledelig utfordring selv om det ikke tester maskinvaren din som dagens utgivelser. Det er nok helt klart en bedre opplevelse på Amiga enn på PC, da det er merkbar forskjell på grafikk og ikke minst lyd og musikk. Denne klassikeren har overlevd siden 1987 og er nok et bevis på at 80-tallet har servert oss mange udødelige spillperler. Et must for alle strategifans, jeg skulle bare ønske at jeg fikk innsyn i nettopp denne perlen for 20 år siden!
Game Boy Advance64 Power / big.N / N Games (Mar, 2005)
Solide aufbereiteter Klassiker für Freunde gepflegter Strategie.
Graphics create a wonderful Hollywood-medieval atmosphere, with siege and map screens being particularly impressive.
NESPlay Time (Dec, 1991)
Der Strategie-Freak wird hier ebenso gut bedient, wie der Action-Freund. Bis das Spiel erfolgreich beendet ist, werden viele, viele Tage ins Land gehen. Einzig der gar schreckliche Preis von DM 129.- läßt den Ritter verzagen.
Lacks depth but surprisingly is still enjoyable.
Defender of the Crown är ett grafiskt snyggt spel som skiljer sig en del från övriga Nintendospel. I USA kallas det ett rollspel men jag skulle nog snarare vilja kalla det ett strategispel. Helt klart är att Defender är mycket spännande tills man klarat det.
Commodore 64Commodore Disk User (Nov, 1987)
Defender of the Crown is an excellent conversion of the original Amiga game that features some great graphics which are turbo-loaded from disk to keep the acion going. You've read about the game, now play it!
AmigaThe One (Apr, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Despite that, it's still a good romp: raiding castles and competing in jousting tournaments is good enough fun in itself, while the blend of strategy and arcade action is just about right to cater for all tastes. Although the movie-style sequences are still this game's strongest points, the whole package is definitely worth a look, especially at the new asking price.
iPhoneApp Spy (2011)
For those who remember Defender of the Crown from their youth, and those who are interested in taking a look at this early unique blend of strategy and action gaming, this is a worthwhile title to have on your iDevice.
This colorful role-playing adventure will present a good challenge for the experienced Power Player.
Game Boy AdvanceGameZone (Jun 26, 2002)
Defender of the Crown is quite enjoyable, with good graphical elements and diverse game play. This is the type of game that would appeal to any who like a modicum of civilization games, with a pinch of turn-based strategy, and a dash of combat.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (Oct 30, 2002)
The first time I played Defender of the Crown was on my Apple IIGS computer back in 1990. The graphics, sound, and gameplay were all extremely well put together back in those days. Crawfish managed to get everything that made the game so charming more than ten years ago into the Game Boy Advance system. The game is absolutely recommended, but it really is a shame that the developers didn't get link support in. The game just begs to be played against real opponents...but it's not to be. But at least the single player gameplay is deceptively addictive...just keep in mind that it requires more brain than gaming brawn.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Feb, 1988)
Considerable effort has been made to emulate the high quality graphics of the Amiga original with the result that most of the screens are virtually identical. The ST's in-game tunes are probably the best, if a touch tinny. A few omissions have been made, (Robin Hood no longer makes an appearance) but to make up for this, features like spying on other Lord's armies and rebels plotting mayhem throughout the land have been added. The Amiga's playability has been improved upon, making more of a wargame than the other versions. However, it still suffers from being too easy to get through.
DOSThe Games Machine (UK) (Oct, 1987)
The PC Defender is every bit as good as the original in terms of creating the illusion of participating in a film, but is not quite as playable as it is on the Commodore 64.
Game Boy AdvanceWorth Playing (Nov 26, 2002)
While the old-school Amiga, Apple II, and Atari versions of this game pretty much hit the nail smack-dab on the head in execution, the GBA version does an even better job in terms of managing your army, keeping the gameplay tight, and purporting detailed visuals. There are plenty of between-scenario illustrations and animations that help to give Defender of the Crown a polished look and the many instances of combat are set against varying and detailed backdrops. Aurally, the game seems to have all its ducks in a row, but it is hard not to notice the similarities between this title and the previous ports as far as the audio elements are concerned.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target (Dec 04, 2002)
Like the alternative to earning treasure, Defender of the Crown makes it possible to avoid battles and still acquire additional factions of land. Whether attending a tournament or holding one for a mere five pieces of gold, players can joust for either fame or land. Upon charging at each other with a lance in hand, one opponent will end up dropping to the ground. The battle then ensues with a mace bout that spells the end for one and victory for another. Betting land against an opponent can be risky since there’s much more at stake, but is also quite rewarding if players are skilled enough for the challenge.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Oct, 1990)
Wenn Defender of the Crown auch weniger durch Spielwert, denn durch Präsentation zu überzeugen weiß, so macht das Programm (gemessen an der Qualität vieler aktueller Produktionen) doch selbst heute noch eine ganz gute Figur. Hätte man dem Spieler etwas mehr Handlungsspielraum eingeräumt, statt ihn zum Grafik-Voyeur zu degradieren, wäre es sogar immer noch der gleiche Hit wie vor drei Jahren!
NESTotal!! UK Magazine (Jan, 1992)
Defender of the Crown is already well known on home computers, and this NES version is a bit late in coming. However, it's just as much fun as all the others.
AmigaAbandonia Reloaded (Dec 22, 2005)
I know the game sounds pretty simple, but I assure you that it is fun to play. It is easy enough, it can be learned immediately, but it's also pretty hard to finish. I especially recommend this game to younger gamers or those new to turn-based strategies.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
Defender of the Crown is an enjoyable and challenging game. There are number of paths to victory, but none are easy.
Atari STST Format (Oct, 1991)
Particularly noted for its excellent presentation, Defender of the Crown is a strategy game based on old England. One of the first games ever to come out on the ST, but graphically brilliant at the time and still very playable.
Game Boy AdvanceThe Next Level (Nov 19, 2002)
Nevertheless, Defender of the Crown is a fine addition to any strategy gamer’s library. While many of the modern games, such as Advance Wars, are better games, the mere fact that a straight port of a 15-year-old game can still compare to the newest titles on the market is a testament to the thoughtful design that Cinemaware created when the game first came out.
Commodore 6464'er (Aug, 1987)
Trotz epochaler Grafik und einigen verschiedenen Action-Sequenzen ist Defender of the Crown nicht das abwechslungsreichste Spiel. Nach einigen Durchgängen wird das Programm recht langweilig und bleibt erst mal eine Weile liegen. Doch man wird es sicherlich immer wieder mal aus dem Schrank holen, um sich selbst an der Grafik zu erfreuen oder um Freunde zu beeindrucken.
Atari STRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Loin du simple portage, la version Atari ST de Defender of the Crown en profite pour développer sensiblement le concept du jeu de base, et pour enrichir l’expérience tout en clarifiant l’interface. Alors oui, le jeu est un tout petit peu moins coloré que sur Amiga – mais il est plus varié et plus agréable à jouer, ce qui est l’essentiel, même s’il est également plus difficile. Une version incontestablement supérieure à l’originale.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Oct 11, 2002)
Metro3D, Crawfish, and Cinemaware deserve a great deal of credit for bringing such a beloved game out of retirement. Anyone who has played Defender of the Crown on the Commodore 64, Amiga, or NES will quickly fall in love with the GBA version. It's just too bad the developers didn't see fit to add any new gameplay features or a multiplayer mode.
Amstrad CPCRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Si la réalisation du jeu – et l’inconvénient de changer régulièrement de disquette – n’a aucune importance pour vous, essayez donc cette version de Defender of the Crown, qui, en plus d’être l’une des plus complètes, a l’avantage indéniable d’être dans la langue de Molière. Un excellent portage pour la machine d’Amstrad.
Apple IIgsRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
L’Apple II GS avait sans nul doute les moyens d’aller rivaliser avec les meilleures versions 16-bits, mais ce portage de Defender of the Crown affiche quelques lacunes étranges (réalisation proche de la version Amiga, mais amputées de certains aspects comme de certaines musiques, interface de la version ST mais avec le système de jeu de la version PC). Le jeu reste très agréable à jouer, mais on lui préfèrera volontiers la version Atari ST.
Game Boy AdvanceRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Defender of the Crown sur Game Boy Advance essaie de reprendre à l’identique ce qui avait fait le succès du jeu de base, mais le charme n’opère tout simplement pas. Les graphismes ont plutôt moins de cachet que ceux de la version Amiga, et les très rares retouches apportées au gameplay commencent à furieusement sentir la naphtaline, surtout sur une console doté de titres bien plus ambitieux comme la saga des Advance Wars ou Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Un jeu dont le principal mérite était de vous rappeler à quel point le jeu vidéo avait évolué, en seize ans – mais une version décente, malgré tout.
CDTVRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Simple copier/coller de la version Amiga avec des musiques et bruitages CD – mais également avec les temps de chargement afférents – cette version CDTV de Defender of the Crown fait le choix assez gonflé – et trahissant une certaine paresse – de tirer purement et simplement un trait sur toutes les innovations apportées par les différentes versions sorties depuis cinq ans. Certes, cela ne rend pas le jeu inférieur à la version de 1986, mais la pilule a quand même un peu de mal à passer.
AmigaRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Certes, Defender of the Crown a ouvert, par son succès, une voie royale à des jeux mieux réalisés, plus accessibles, annonçant par son ambition l’aspect « cinématique » qui allait connaître ses premiers développements dans la deuxième moitié des années 80. Tous les joueurs s’y étant essayé à l’époque en gardent un souvenir ému, comme l’une des premières pierres d’un jardin où les jeux vidéo commençaient réellement à impressionner le tout-venant, et pas juste une poignée d’experts juvéniles repliés au fond de leur garage. Aujourd’hui, il nous en reste un jeu de stratégie limité boursoufflé d’erreurs de jeunesse et de fausses bonnes idées, mais avec un charme réel et un petit goût de reviens-y, le temps de se prendre pour un chevalier médiéval fourni avec le château, le cheval, l’épée longue et même la princesse, comme quand on était enfant. Et ça, c’est déjà beaucoup.
CDTVAmiga Joker (Oct, 1991)
Grafik und Gameplay sind wie auf's I-Tüpfelchen identisch mit der regulären Amigaversion des Cinemaware-Klassikers. Dafür gibt’s jetzt einen starken Titel-Soundtrack, tolle Musik während der Animationssequenzen und Sprachausgabe in superber Qualität. Es hilft aber alles nix, die strategische Ritter-Arie ist nach wie vor viel zu leicht – einmal durchgespielt, ist die anfängliche Begeisterung schnell dahin.
Game Boy AdvancePocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames (Sep 03, 2004)
Aucun doute, on s’amuse toujours avec Defender of the Crown et ce même si les joueurs confirmés en viendront rapidement à bout : le challenge de cette version n’est pas très relevé. Une chose que l’on peut facilement pardonner, par nostalgie, mais il en est une autre qu’on ne pourra pas excuser : l’absence d’un mode multi-joueurs. Le link de la GBA permettait aisément d’inclure un mode quatre joueurs, ce qui aurait relancé l’intérêt de cette cartouche.
NESMean Machines (Dec, 1991)
While Defender of the Crown is quite good fun to play, you leave it wanting more. The arcade-style screens are neat and the strategy part is simple enough to let a facts 'n' figures dumbo like me enjoy it without getting bogged down, but there's just not enough to keep you entertained. The game is fairly challenging, but again, not really enough to make it good value for money. With the benefit of some additions like extra arcade sequences and a more complex strategy element, this could have been really good. As it stands, it's a fairly enjoyable, but ultimately unsatisfying game.
DOSRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
On ne rabâchera pas ici à quel point le PC n’avait aucune chance de rivaliser avec un Amiga ou un Atari ST en 1987. Bonne surprise, néanmoins: le portage de Defender of the Crown sur cette machine est loin d’avoir été galvaudé, même si l’EGA était capable de mieux que ça. On se retrouve dans les deux cas avec un jeu pas franchement éblouissant graphiquement parlant, avec une musique se limitant à des bip-bips, mais parfaitement jouable et avec une grande partie des nouveautés et équilibrages introduits par les dernières versions. Un bon jeu, donc.
Classy medieval/arcade game, attractive in EGA, but it comes off quite badly in CGA mode. The lack of mouse control is a severe detriment to the action sequences which are left to joystick or cursor keys. Expensive and all...
Commodore 64Retro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Support 8-bits oblige, la réalisation de Defender of the Crown sur Commodore 64 a pris un peu de plomb dans l’aile – et les temps de chargements à rallonge réserveront cette version aux joueurs particulièrement patients. C’est bien dommage, car ce portage comporte son lot de nouveautés qui lui permettraient presque de rivaliser, en terme de contenu, avec la version Atari ST. Cela n’en fait pas moins un des meilleurs jeux de stratégie sur Commodore 64.
NESRetro Archives (Nov 02, 2017)
Defender of the Crown sur NES souffre d’une réalisation à la ramasse et d’un système de jeu qui aurait été mieux inspiré de se baser sur celui de la version CPC plutôt que de la version PC. Reste un titre efficace sur une machine où les jeux de stratégie ne sont pas franchement légion, mais il y avait moyen de faire mieux, bien mieux.
DOTC was an interesting computer game that successfully paired beginner-level war gaming with some of the most vivid graphics around. The NES version, however, lacks the sharp visuals of the original and what we end up with is a slow-moving cart that will appeal to die-hard war-gamers only.
NESVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Wer sich schon immer wunderte, womit man vor Erfindung der Videospiele die Zeit vertrieben hat, weiß jetzt Bescheid: Eroberungen, Duelle und Raubzüge füllten den Arbeitstag gemütlich aus. Dank der originellen Spielidee ist man von Defender of the Crown zunächst sehr angetan. Die immer wiederkehrenden Actionteile nutzen sich aber rasch ab. Außerdem gibt es keinen Weg, um den Spielstand zu sichern. Für Einsteiger hat die Mischung aus Strategie und Action sicher ihren Reiz, aber fortgeschrittene Spieler werden sich zu schnell langweilen.
Not even the occasional appearance of Robin Hood (lending aid to the cause) can help sway the odds in this interesting, but supremely difficult and poorly controlling take on what could have been more fun. There is a lot on offer here, but being a Jack of all trades and master of none just doesn’t cut it.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy (Dec 14, 2002)
With its easily whipped arcade sequences, utter lack of strategic depth, and painfully unrewarding still-screen ending sequence, Defender of the Crown provides an experience about as vacuous as the cheesy flicks that inspired Cinemaware's birth.
Graphically superb, this medieval simulation of the Norman-Saxon reunification of England is a series of arcade sequences loosely strung together. With sword duels, tournaments and sieges, the major elements are present; it is just that the simulation resembles a series of arcade trials held together by story boards.
Atari STComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Oct, 1990)
Graphically superb, this medieval simulation of the Norman-Saxon reunification of England is a series of arcade sequences loosely strung together. With sword duels, tournaments and sieges, the major elements are present; it is just that the simulation resembles a series of arcade trials held together by story boards.
Graphically superb, this medieval simulation of the Norman-Saxon reunification of England is a series of arcade sequences loosely strung together. With sword duels, tournaments and sieges, the major elements are present; it is just that the simulation resembles a series of arcade trials held together by story boards.
Commodore 64Computer Gaming World (CGW) (Oct, 1990)
Graphically superb, this medieval simulation of the Norman-Saxon reunification of England is a series of arcade sequences loosely strung together. With sword duels, tournaments and sieges, the major elements are present; it is just that the simulation resembles a series of arcade trials held together by story boards.
Apple IIgsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Oct, 1990)
Graphically superb, this medieval simulation of the Norman-Saxon reunification of England is a series of arcade sequences loosely strung together. With sword duels, tournaments and sieges, the major elements are present; it is just that the simulation resembles a series of arcade trials held together by story boards.
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
So many great features are included in Defender of the Crown. Unfortunately the most important aspect, the battles, are the worst part of the game. They add too much confusion and frustration to the gameplay.
NESPower Play (Jun, 1991)
Die neue NES-Version ist zwar schwerer und spielerisch ein wenig erweitert worden, aber im Gegenzug rasselte die Qualität der Grafik gewaltig nach unten. Alles in allem ein gebremstes Vergnügen, dessen Spielprinzip Abnutzungserscheinungen zeigt.
AmigaHappy Computer (1987)
Viel Licht, viel Schatten: Defender of the Crown hat die beste Grafik, die ich bisher auf einem Heimcomputer gesehen habe. Dazu kommen einige starke Musikstücke und eine interessante Rahmenhandlung. Aber das Spiel selber... Oh weh, da sieht es duster aus. Anfangs macht die Mischung aus Strategie und etwas Action viel Spaß, aber man gewinnt das Spiel leicht, was die Motivation schlagartig abflauen läßt.
42 (Sep, 2011)
Defender of the Crown suffers from obtuse and difficult gameplay, even when selecting Wilfred, the most well-rounded Saxon, to play as. Even after perusing the manual, your best option is to simply jump in and play. I’d recommend building an army first, but you’ll need funds to do that. You can go on raids or take lands to get more gold, but without an army, you won’t get very far. The combat mechanic is clunky, as are the tournament controls; it doesn’t surprise me that DotC was originally an Amiga title, as the controls seem better suited to a mouse and keyboard. If you can build up your character’s army and attributes, you might stand a chance at reclaiming the crown. I lacked initiative, so Wilfred made me a boot shiner.
In summary, a good port of the PC title, but not really a great game. Good for short place sessions, but long term play just gets boring and repetitive.
CD-iHigh Score (Jul, 1994)
Defender of the Crown är en klassiker. Det var ett bra spel när det släpptes första gången för drygt sex år sedan, men nu har det inte mycket att komma med längre. Spelet ger en nostalgikick för oss erfarna spelare, men inte mycket mer.
iPhoneDigitally Downloaded (May 16, 2012)
It’s not that the basic idea of Defender of the Crown isn’t still sound, because that PS2 game would be a must-have iPad port. It’s the fact that this is a port of the oldest possible version of the game. For a little bit more money you could pick up Nobunaga’s Ambition or Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch, and both of which play like 30-year old evolutions of this basic game. So go and get those instead.
Defender of the Crown is a delightful experience and an auspicious beginning to what looks to be an excellent series of software offerings. The graphics and animation are the most exceptional to date. If the game has any weakness it is in the fact that the game play itself (apart from the fabulous graphics and unique cinematic vehicle in which the game is couched) is not as complex as many strategy games. Judged strictly as a strategy/action game Defender of the Crown would be mundane. But it would be a mistake to judge this program only on its gaming system. If Defender of the Crown were the fourth, fifth, or sixth release in the Cinemaware series we would be unhappy with the game play. But as a first release we are more than pleased. The amount of energy that was put into this cutting edge product is evident. You will use it as a showcase program to demonstrate the power of the Amiga to your friends.
Mißt man die Srafikdes Programms an den Möglichkeiten des Rechners, so ist diese Version gut gelungen. Amiga-Grafiken darf man natürlich nicht erwarten.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Sep, 1987)
Das fantastische Strategiespiel hat auch auf dem C-64 nichts von seinem Reiz eingebüßt. Klar dürfte allerdings sein, daß die Grafiken mit der Amiga-Version dieses Games nicht mithalten können, aber für C-64-Verhältnisse sind sie sehr gut. Störend sind auch die langen Ladezeiten und die langsame Verarbeitung, aber dafür ist der C-64 ja auch nur ein kleiner 8-Biter. Wer solche Spiele mag, für den ist DEFENDER OF THE CROWN ein absolutes Muß.