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Defenders of the Earth

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Atari ST
ZX Spectrum
SAM Coupé

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 1 4.0
Amstrad CPC 1 4.0
Atari ST 1 4.0
Commodore 64 1 4.0
SAM Coupé 1 4.0
ZX Spectrum 2 3.5
Combined MobyScore 7 3.9

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumCrash!
A blasting romp for fans of the TV series _ with only short term playability.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Defenders Of The Earth isn't an essential purchase, but if you're looking for a challenging blaster with a bit more besides, it's well worth having a look at.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User
Although the action's all there and the colour is very well done, the game is not the hottest around because of the initial levels of difficulty involved, but it should still provide excitement for the shoot up monsters out there and the odd several thousand Defenders fans.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
A 'could've been good' shoot-'em'-up - there's just not enough to do.
Amiga gamesplayers have a lot more time to take out the bad guys thanks to a slightly larger play area accompanied by smooth parallax scrolling. This doesn't make up for the fact that the ideas behind Defenders are VERY firmly 8-bit ones.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK)
This is the kind of simple game with simple graphics that budget labels are using for minor TV licences so Enigma are being brave by charging so much for Defenders of the Earth.
Commodore 64Power Play
Große, bunte Sprites, schmissige Musik; Actionfans sollten sich "Defenders of the Earth" einmal genauer ansehen. Allerdings tauchen die Gegner etwas zu unmotiviert auf. Man läßt eine Menge Leben, bevor man alles im Griff hat.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Man tut praktisch nichts anderes, als vor sich hinballernd durch die Schloßgänge zu laufen, die einzige Abwechslung bringt der Hilfs-Defender, den man in kritischen Situationen per Space-Taxi aktivieren kann. Da das Game außerdem über zahlreiche unfaire Stellen verfügt, und somit die vier Leben nicht sehr lange währen, reicht es nur für "ferner liefen".
Commodore 64Zzap!
The C64 game has some nice backgrounds, but the sprites are unremarkable. So there's little to keep you coming back for more repetitive punishment.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK)
Although individual characters and areas are monochrome, different colours are used for them so there's a reasonable spread of colour - but no scrolling. There's little detail in the characters and less still in some background features. Though there are few of them, sounds are effective and music's good (if wibbly wobbly).
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
Gameplay's altered by the lack of scrolling, different Fortress layout and pits to leap but it's still only an average budget game at full price.