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Deluxe PocMon

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Published by
EMV Software
Developed by
EMV Software
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Apr 22, 2007
v1.06 (first Mac release)


Published by
EMV Software
Developed by
EMV Software
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Dec 16, 2006
Patch History
Dec 16, 2006
Deluxe PocMon version 1.0 is released!
Dec 17, 2006
v1.0 beta: First beta release
Dec 18, 2006
v1.01 beta:
  • Added - Level counter
  • Fixed - Game completion bug fixed
  • Fixed - Files being saved to desktop
  • Changed - DirectX is now the default video mode
  • Changed - Bonus round text adjusted
  • Changed - Highscores filled up with names and scores
  • Changed - PocMons mouth anim speeded up
Dec 21, 2006
v1.02 beta:
  • Fixed - Dark walls on game exit carried to next game
  • Changed - Game resources now packed in with game
  • Changed - Ghosts leaving home times tweaked
Jan 14, 2007
v1.03 beta
Jan 24, 2007
v1.04 beta
Feb 01, 2007
v1.05 beta
  • Added - Sharing of lives, bombs and EXTRA in team modes
  • Fixed - More level edits, some pill colour changes and wall changes
  • Fixed - Edited levels from last version now added
  • Fixed - Error checking for new hiscores and resetting last entered hiscores
  • Fixed - Extra life given to correct player in team modes (now useless)
  • Fixed - Player resetting fixed in team modes when life picked up
  • Fixed - Position of pill clearer effects when in zoom mode
  • Fixed - Start levels should now be ok for all players
  • Fixed - Perfect bonus now requires you to NOT lose a life as well
  • Fixed - Circuit tileset improved, some others too
  • Fixed - Check for release of ESC key when pausing or quitting the game
  • Changed - The way lives are displayed. None at bottom means no lives left
  • Changed - Perfects in team mode can be gotten by all players now
Apr 21, 2007
v1.06 FULL
  • Profile system, ranks and locks. (10 profiles max. allowed)
  • M3U Playlist loading
  • Kids and Ace modes
  • New level skip bonus
  • Pulsing to the highlighted scores in HOF
  • Loading song text when next mp3 loads
  • Mouseover on buttons responds perfectly now
  • Looping sounds routines - To fix some issues when exiting game
  • Ghosts no longer track PocMon while in jail. Should speed up their exit
  • Problems with bullet optimisation system
  • Endgame tune not fully playing
  • All 4 players scores entered to HOF are now highlighted properly
  • Almost 500 compile errors and discovered and fixed a few related bugs
  • Reset PocMon info when drunk bonus is removed
  • Volume problems while sounds are muted
  • Screen mode detection and zoom mode for larger resolutions
  • Moved arrows on hall of fame screen
  • Shortened some sounds

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