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A Gem Obscured by the Sands of Time... SNES Andrew Douglas (10)

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100 (GAF)
Sadly, Capcom didn't expect the game to do so well, and quietly released a limited number of copies in the US. Sadder still, one can find this game on internet auctions for between 10 and 15 Dollars. If you have an SNES and the extra spare change, pick this game up. It will look good in your stack of high-quality SNES titles. I guarantee it.
SNESGameFan Magazine
The Capcom of old has surfaced once again! Not since Ghouls and Ghosts have I played a Capcom action game this good. Demon's Crest takes my all time favorite Gameboy game (Gargoyle's Quest) and kicks butt with it...SNES style! I'm so happy Nintendo let Capcom keep it gory. One of the years best for SNES!
SNESNintendo Life
It's hard not to find anything not to like about this game, despite it's difficulty. The ability to play the levels in different orders, not to mention the free-roaming feel of the game make playing it feel a little like an rpg at times. The fact that it's also chock-full of gameplay elements just further makes the game endearing and enjoyable. It's fairly safe to say that if you loved the Ghosts 'n Goblins titles you're going to love this spin-off and even if you're not a big fan, you might find that the added playability of Demon's Crest might be enough to make a fan out of you.
SNESLens of Truth
Demon's Crest is an underrated gem that got lost in the awesome library of the SNES. Capcom was really hitting their stride on the system, releasing classic after classic. It’s unfortunate this one never got the attention it deserved. The gameplay reminds me of Duck Tales mixed with Mega Man X, but set in the world of Ghouls N Ghost. Wether or not that makes any sense to you isn’t important. What is important is that if you love 2D platformers or Action RPGs, you’ll love Demon’s Crest. It’s only available on the SNES, and the $25 “cartridge only” price tag is well worth it.
SNESRetrogaming History
Demon's Crest, con il suo design cupo, la varietà di azioni disponibili, l'equilibrio tra fasi di ricerca e esplorazione e le parti più intense degli scontri coi boss, rappresenta un grande miglioramento sotto ogni aspetto della serie di Gargoyle's Quest.
SNESGamePro (US)
Part Ghouls 'n' Ghosts and part strategy game, Demon's Crest is a gruesome-looking, well-crafted adventure. You'll have a demonic good time!
SNESGame Players
Now I don't want to completely trash this cart. It's just that those two problems are the only disappointments in the entire game, so they stick out like a sore thumb. The actual gameplay is fantastic, with lots of items to find, secret rooms to explore and creepy monsters to fight. All of which are the markings of a great game.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
In alter Capcom-Tradition gehört Demon‘s Crest nicht zu den ganz einfachen Spielen. Durch taktisch geschicktes Umschalten zwischen den verschiedenen Verwandlungsformen lassen sich aber die meisten Gegner und Hindernisse mit der Zeit recht problemlos überwinden. Außerdem gibt es unendliche Continues, Paßwörter, und recht generöse Rücksetzpunkte. Ansonsten gibt es bei Demon‘s Crest kaum etwas zu meckern: Das schaurig-schöne Spiel ist derzeit eindeutig eines der besten in seinem Genre.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Demon's Crest will probably be one of those sleeper games, similar to how the Game Boy Gargoyles' Quest was. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is top-notch. When you get the different forms, you have to go into a sub-screen, which interrupts the action a little. The audio is very well done and is good at setting the mood. You would do well to try this one out - you might be surprised.
SNESPower Unlimited
Eindelijk een platform dat iets toevoegt aan het genre. De mogelijkheid om verschillende vormen aan te nemen, geeft het spel een extra dimensie. De graphisc zijn mooi en er er zijn aardig wat geheime levels. Demon's Crest is geen makkelijk spel dus ik denk dat je er een aardig tijdje mee zoet bent.
From a contemporary perspective one can almost understand why this game was shunned in its own time; it's an unrelentingly dark contrast to typical Nintendo fare like Yoshi's Island that demands careful strategy and thorough exploration in place of simple thumb-pounding action. Ironically these very features are also what make it particularly well-suited for a modern revival, but unfortunately these days the folks at Capcom seem to prefer shirtless devils in skintight leather pants who thrash their foes with sexy guitars. Until that day when someone finally releases a sweet axe that can be played with monstrous crimson claws, Firebrand and his forgotten fans will just have to settle for the overlooked excellence of Demon's Crest.
Demon's Crest n'innove pas grandement en matière de mécanique de jeu, et reprend ce qui a déjà été fait avec Megaman ou Castlevania. Quoi qu'il en soit, son gameplay est des plus efficaces et le jeu assure la digne continuité de Gargoyle's Quest, grâce à ses musiques et son ambiance fabuleuses. Du reste, il s'agit bel et bien d'une référence incontournable du genre sur Super Nintendo.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The graphics are truly amazing and detailed to the hilt. The design of the monsters, from the demons to the ghosts to the crafty bosses, will make you drool and the music will frighten you.
SNESVideo Games
Bei Videospielen allgemein liegt eigentlich in der Kürze selten die Würze. Bei diesem atmosphärisch großartigen Action-Spiel drängt sich leider auch wieder der Verdacht auf, daß Capcom zu sehr auf die schnelle Mark geschielt hat und der Langzeitspielspaß auf der Strecke blieb. Die Idee mit dem nochmaligen Durchspielen als Super-Firebrand, wonach dann ein neuer Endboß auftaucht, macht den Nachgeschmack etwas weniger bitter. Trotzdem besteht das gesamte Spiel aus nur sechs Leveln, die auch nicht gerade riesig ausgefallen sind. Die 16 Megs scheinen wirklich zum großen Teil für den Sound und die überdurchschnittliche Grafik draufgegangen zu sein. Fazit: Ein tolles Spiel, das man aber bei Bedarf genausogut in der Videothek ausleihen kann.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Demon's Crest is certainly a feast for the eyes and ears, but is it enough to overcome the difficulty and frustration?