Densha de Go! 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title scree with copyright notice
Animated intro
Introduction to the trains
Main menu
Select the train you want to drive.
Just before leaving a station.
Almost perfect stop at the platform
Silver diamonds show an almost perfect stop.
How did I do? - BAD!
Ending credits
Enter name for high scores.

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen
Main menu - choose your mode of play.
Choose from various types of trains - green means easy difficulty.
We will pass a station in 1195 m without stopping.
The lower tight signal means no speed restriction ahead.
Arriving late and missing the stop...
Going from Akita to Ōmagari.
Off we go!
Going through a winter landscape.
Too fast, the emergency brake kicks in.
On this route there are only two stops, but many stations will be passed.
Starting point of another line
Lush and green Japanese landscape

WonderSwan version

Title screen
Select a train.
A picture of a train
In the train