Deponia: The Puzzle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Explanation of the first puzzle mechanic
One of the early puzzles in the game
Almost complete!
Too many wrong choices and the game is over.
Flipping a puzzle in progress, note how it is turned over.
Puzzle complete: a tally of your performance
Progress on the path in the first level
This is the screen you see when you retry a finished puzzle.
Image complete!
The second puzzle mechanic where pieces have different shapes.
It looks easier, unless there are too many choices.
Path of the second level
Only one piece remaining
Explanation of the third puzzle mechanic
A puzzle with the third mechanic in progress. Note the three pieces in the river at the bottom.
Just one more piece here
An advanced puzzles has many pieces and many choices.
Level selection screen with three levels unlocked.
Level path for the third level based on the second Deponia game.