Der Langrisser Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-FX version

Title screen
Intro: presenting the heroes
Intro: events that lead to the war...
Now you see why you have to get the PC-FX version of this game? :)
Elaborate character creation. Answer her questions to generate the main hero
Here you decide how many soldiers to send, where to place them, etc.
Equipping your soldiers
There are lots of dialogues during battles
Your turn. You decide to move your troops
Enemy turn. Coming from two sides towards the bridge!
Battle in a field. Looks like you have the upper hand here!
Here you send cavalry to stop enemy's infantry unit
She casts an area healing spell. Very handy
Fighting in a forest. Uh-oh, things don't look too well...
Decisive battle on a bridge. Enemy is decimated!

SNES version

Character creation
Great view!
Background story
Title screen
Satisfied with your character?
World map overview
Viewing the menu before a battle
Bad news!
It's your turn
Enemy turn
People often talk during their turns
Battle sequence
Battle on a shore, against some riders
Main character actions
Enemy casts a magic spell
Warlock wins
First hero massacres enemy
Allies income
troopers vs barbarians
quite equal fight
Enemies slaughter civilian
Special attack - enemy is quite strong.
Battle in temple
Scenario 0.3
Strategy view. 1 unit - 10 trooper/1hero.
Enemy Influence
monologue in the middle of battle
Lancers vs pikeman.
Sister of hero