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A stomach turning adventure... DOS Chris Martin (1094)
A decent flight combat sim, but could've been better. DOS James1 (238)
This is one of my favorites DOS Goteki45 (308)
Axes DOS Ashley Pomeroy (233)
Great technology, but lacks atmosphere. DOS Afterburner (477)
A Classic Game You Can't Go Wrong With DOS wossname (159)
A 360 Degree Shooter, that is Innovative, but it is highly repeatative DOS NotTwoQuick (22)
Was a good game on an older PC DOS Jeremy Bailey (5)
A game I'm rather indifferent to. DOS Tomer Gabel (4354)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 84 4.0
Macintosh 5 4.5
PC-98 3 3.1
PlayStation 16 3.7
Windows 3 4.8
Combined User Score 111 4.0

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DOSThe DOS Spirit (Apr 11, 2009)
Kort og godt -- Descent gjorde et inntrykk på meg som 13-åring som fremdeles gir meg en sterk lengsel tilbake til glansdagene. Ved spørsmålet om Descent fortjener The DOS Spirit Golden Award, så er svaret et hjertfølt, pøbelrørende, og rungende JA!.
DOSHigh Score (May, 1995)
Allting är uppbyggt i 3D-miljö och kan för vissa ge upphov till illamående. Så bra är det!
DOSPC Gamer (May, 1995)
Terrific graphics; non-stop action; and true 3D movement. The complex controls can take a while to master. Parallax did a magnificent job -- easily one of the most addictive and entertaining action games you'll play.
DOSComing Soon Magazine (Apr, 1995)
Imagine a first-person perspective game that allows you to make a loop in a true virtual environment with unbelievable textures, fast pace action and a great soundtrack without sacrifying speed and having to buy a twin pentium motherboard. Surely, you think this is only a dream and that you probably hope it will one day come true. Fortunately, the folks at Parallax Software have heard your prayers and decided to reward you for your patience with one of the best action games available for the PC: Descent.
DOSMikroBitti (May, 1995)
Shareware-versiosta päivittävien on syytä tietää, että rekisteröidyn muistivaatimukset ovat himpun tiukemmat, mikä voi vaikuttaa ääniefekteihin. Rekisteröity ja kaupallinen Descent ovat toistaiseksi 100% identtiset, joskin kesän mittaan on luvattu lisukkeilla varustettu CD-ROM-only painos. Descent on kirkas tähti alkuvuoden räiskintätaivaalla. Näyttävä toteutus ja toiminnan vauhti koukuttavat räiskinnästä pitävät perusteellisesti, erityisesti 3D-toteutuksen ja verkko/linkki/modeemi-moninpelin perustellessa ostopäätöstä.
DOSPC Games (Germany) (Feb, 1995)
Viele dachten, daß die 3D-Actionspiele mit dem Erscheinen von Doom 2 ihren Zenith überschritten hätten - weit gefehlt! Descent verweist alle bisherigen Topspiele dieses Genres auf die hinteren Ränge und setzt in puncto Grafik, Sound und Gameplay neue Maßstäbe! Ob solo, per Modem oder im Netzwerk, Descent fesselt stundenlang an den Bildschirm!
DOSCD Player (1996)
Als erstes läßt die schnelle Grafik das Herz höher schlagen. Wer kein Gefühl für die dritte Dimension besitzt, ist in den komplexen 3D-Levels schnell verloren. Stimmt die Orientierung, freut man sich über die geschickt agierenden Gegner, denen der Spieler immer wieder in clever aufgebaute Fallen läuft. Bis die 30 Level durchflogen sind, vergeht einige Zeit. Neue Gegner und verrückte Tunnel-Designs sorgen für die nötige Motivation.
90 (Mar 23, 2012)
In all, Descent is a great game. It remains a unique experience that hasn’t enjoyed the spotlight it truly deserves. If fact, Descent 4 was canceled due to the poor sales of Descent 3. The ill-fated engine for Descent 4 was used to make Red Faction. So, there is a worthless fact for ya. But Descent is worth a look!
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1998)
Descent is a shoot-'em-up whose addictive nature cannot be denied. You are going to find yourself playing this far into the night instead of sleeping. Be warned.
DOSElectric Playground (Nov 30, 1995)
Some would argue that Descent has completely reinvented the 1st person genre, I for one would not go that far. But what Descent has succeeded in doing is to take gaming, involving fully realized 3D environments, to a new level. It's not as graphically rich as its progeny (i.e. Warhawk for the PSX) but then it wasn't developed for a pure game system such as the PlayStation or the Saturn. Not to mention, anything older than 3 months is already ancient looking (these are heady days for gaming). Besides, I couldn't give a damn about graphics when gameplay is this much fun. In any case, my point is academic; as I haven't had a chance to marvel at what the other versions of Descent will look like (name a system and there will be a version of Descent for it in the new year). Descent is a must buy for the PC and for me to expand on this point would be a waste of information packets. Buy it, regret isn't an option here.
PlayStationElectric Playground (Apr 21, 1996)
I went nuts for Descent. Even game players who are absolutely stone-cold turned off by the thought of exploring anything in the Doom-ish first person perspective should race to check this one out. Granted, the slow down is a turn off and the lack of dangerous contact with any humanoid type creatures does tend to give Descent a slightly less involving sense of terror than Doom and its immediate ilk. But, there's nothing quite like tumbling down a tunnel in complete disarray as you desperately try to find the exit out of the mine shaft you've just destined for destruction. In every capacity, Descent for the PlayStation is a resounding success.
Your friends with computers are doing teasing you. They can no longer boast that they can play games like Descent on their PCs while you're stuck playing yet another fighting game on your console system. Descent for the Playstation is here --- and it will blow your mind!
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Apr, 1996)
Despite the limitations of the Playstation controller, Descent is incredibly well done. Doom-fatigued players looking for the next challenge will want to take this Descent.
DOSComputer Games Magazine (May 18, 1995)
With the same kind of following as Doom and Doom II, Descent has a long following of dedicated Descent lovers that EAT, BREATH and SLEEP Descent too. With a following like that, one would expect a barrage of homemade levels, and there is! Interplay has a monthly level creation contest, and on their WWW page you can find a bunch of new Multiplayer or Solo Descent levels. I've heard through the grapevine that Genie will be hosting the official Descent multiplayer network as well. Of course, you can play through the Internet for free with the addition of a program called KALI. It will be nice to play it the way Interplay and Genie have designed. A new level each week, and team play wit up to 8 people at once in teams of 2. We'll have to wait and see where that goes, but Descent certainly has a very brightly lit future!
DOSAll Game Guide (1995)
Descent is definately a memoriable game, destined to become a classic game of our time. Although not as innovative as Pong or Pac Man to their respective times, Descent brings with it a fresh new style.
DOSPC Player (Germany) (Feb, 1995)
Descent hat sich bei mir mühelos den Spitzenplatz unter den 3D-Actionspielen gesichert. Die großen und höchst abwechslungsreichen Level, die intelligenten Gegner und eine genial eingängige Steuerung sorgen für langen Spielspaß. Dazu kommt der immens vergnügliche Adrenalinstoß, wenn der Reaktor explodiert und man den verflixten Ausgang noch nicht gefunden hat.
DOSJoystick (French) (Mar, 1995)
Jeu d'arcade très enboûtant, bien qu'assez complexe, Descent bénéficie d'une finition et d'un réalisme à toute épreuve.
With the same kind of following as Doom and Doom II, Descent has a long following of dedicated Descent lovers that EAT, BREATH and SLEEP Descent. With a following like that, one would expect a barrage of homemade levels, and there is! Interplay has a monthly level creation contest, and on their WWW page ( you can find a bunch of Multiplayer or Solo Descent levels. I've heard through the grapevine that Genie will be hosting the official Descent multiplayer network! Of course, you can play through the Internet for free with the addition of a program called KALI (which im yet to get a hold of). It will be nice to play it the way Interplay and Genie have designed. A new level each week, and team play wit up to 8 people at once in teams of 2. We'll have to wait and see where that goes, but Descent certainly has a very brightly lit future!
PlayStationGameFan Magazine (Mar, 1996)
With the industrial tunes of Skinny Puppy and Type-O Negative, impressive fighting effects, a link-up feature, plus 5 new levels, there's plenty of cool original stuff in the Playstation version of Descent. In fact, there was enough to make me start playing again. Just like Doom, I though I was burned out on the computer version, only to have the Playstation re-spark my interest. This is a great conversion of a great game, that's all that needs to be said.
PlayStationVideo Games (Feb, 1996)
Die beklemmende Atmosphäre und dazu eine völlige Bewegungsfreiheit in der dritten Dimension, vermitteln bei Descent grenzenlosen Ballerspielspaß. Seit dem berühmten id-Klassiker (der vor kurzen auch für die Playstation erschienen ist) habe ich lange nicht mehr soviel Spaß gehabt, durch verzweigte 3D-Gänge zu wandern. Alle 30 Level sind raffiniert ausgetüftelt, auch schwere Stellen mit Übung schaffbar, und die Steuerung läßt ebenfalls keine Wünsche offen. Es gibt massig viele versteckte Geheimräume, hinter denen sich Extras oder sogar Zusatzlevel verstecken. Das skeptische Redakteursauge erblickt nicht nur feinste Technik, sondern auch ein durchdachtes Spieldesign.
PlayStationGame Players (Apr, 1996)
If it weren't for the fact that the graphics really hadn't been updated from the PC to a 32-bit console, this game might have gotten an ultimate award. This claustrophobic, disorienting game is really a hoot! The mazes will drive you crazy! Get this one!
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun 04, 2004)
For you fans who've played the game before, enjoy 5 new levels of 'Anarchy', bringing the grand total to 30. Another big plus is the sound track!! The music is great and ranges from heavy metal to techno. Descent is the first game I have ever played that should come with a bonus sound track.
MacintoshMac Ledge (1996)
In short, Descent rocks. If you have the machine, buy it. One thing you might want to add to the suggested hardware is a butt-kicking stereo system or a good pair of headphones. Once you are ready, crank it up and jam to the jam. This game is definitely action packed, although some might consider it a bit short on plot. If you require some puzzle solving to temper your violence, you may want to look elsewhere, perhaps to the Marathon series, although , in this game, finding ways to not get wasted are often puzzles in themselves. Otherwise I can think of no reason not to recommend this game. The violence is even "clean," committed against machines rather than warm-blooded critters, as if that makes any difference in a computer game.
DOSPC Joker (Jan, 1995)
Trotz der optischen Einschränkungen hat uns Descent am Monitor also mehr Spaß gemacht, zumal einem die Loopings im „Flug-Duum“ der Jungs von Parallax auch hier den Magen umdrehen können. Und gerade mit einem Spezialstick wie Cyberman oder Thrustmaster hat man die Sache dabei besser im Griff, zur Not genügen dann auch Maus, Standard-Joystick oder Keyboard. Für den Stereo-Sound aus aufpeitschender Musik und makellosen Effekten braucht's ebenfalls keinen VR-Helm, und wer uns nicht glaubt, der kann sich ja mal die sieben Level lange Shareware-Version besorgen. Wer hingegen nur behelmt zocken möchte, der sollte vielleicht auf geradlinigere Spiele wie „Zephyr“ warten – einen Test dazu gibt’s in der nächsten Ausgabe.
DOSPower Play (Feb, 1995)
Nach diversen mehr oder weniger gelungenen Klonen anderer Firmen bekommen die etablierten id-Software Produkte jetzt erstmalig wirkliche Konkurrenz. Mit „Descent“ ist Interplay eine echte Alternative im 3D-Baller-Einerlei gelungen. Das setzt neben einer sauberen technischen Umsetzung auch gutes Spieldesign und eine zügige Story voraus. Drei Dinge, die „Descent“ locker bietet. Der frische Raumpilot düst, dank vielfältiger Grafikoptionen, völlig ruckelfrei durch die Gegend und wird durch viele Gags, knarzigen Soundtrack, vertracktes Level-Design und Zeitlimit nachhaltig gefordert. Reichlich Extrawaffen und Bömbchen sorgen für zusätzliche Motivation. Etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig ist die Automapping-Karte. Besonders in späteren Levels, die Stationen werden dann immer größer, verläßt man sich besser auf seinen eigenen Orientierungssinn. Für mich ist die ungewohnte dritte Dimension das größte Kaufargument.
DOSPower Unlimited (Apr, 1995)
De optimale bewegingsvrijheid die in Descent mogelijk is, is wel even wennen, maar na een tijdje wil je niet anders. Er wordt wel gezegd dat Descent doet voor Doom wat Doom deed voor Wolfenstein 3D. Dat zal nog moeten blijken, maar het is wel zo dat andere 3D shoot-'em ups na het spelen van Descent, wel eh, zo plat lijken.
MacintoshJoystick (French) (Feb, 1996)
Descent s'avère être une bonne doomerie, avec toutefois une dimension supplémentaire qui plaira aux amateurs de carnage à grande vitesse. Mais il est réservé uniquement aux possesseurs de PowerMac.
DESCENT isn't perfect. The sequence of events can get monotonous after a while: get the blue key, get the yellow key, get the red key, blow the core, get out. But it is a game that you'll find yourself booting up time and time again. I suspect DESCENT will get old as solo game long before network players tire of it. But besides providing pulse-pounding entertainment for an amazingly low retail price, DESCENT points the way to the future of true 3D gaming, and for that reason alone it's one game that shouldn't be missed.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Sep, 1996)
Its been a little like TAKING DRIVING LESSONS, with 22 directional and action motions. I completed 9 levels on the EASY skill level and so re-started on the medium level so as not to spoil the game by completing it too quickly. This level provides just the right amount of challenge. I now feel that I have mastered all of the crafts maneuvers and tactically I have learned to slide around corners therefore avoiding nasty surprises and traps! I have completed 24 levels, but find it difficult to play for long periods because of the movement. I am still enjoying the challenge and am sure that I will complete the game in time.
As the next step along the Wolfenstein-Doom evolutionary ladder, Descent makes a great impression and a pleasing distraction. However, Descent has the same fundamental problem as Doom in terms of long-lasting playability: the only way to keep the game interesting is to up the sheer number of robots you have to kill. In the end, after thirty levels, I was ready to ascend from Descent.
DOSGameSpot (May 01, 1996)
With addictive action, network multi-player play and Descent level editors available everywhere you turn, I say without hyperbole that Descent is destined to be a classic. Don't believe me? Download the widely available free demos (while you're at it, check out Descent II as well) and judge for yourself. Just remember to keep your airsickness bag handy.
DOSGameplay (Benelux) (Apr, 1995)
Het enige negatieve punt aan Descent is dat er vrij weinig variatie in het spel zit: alle levels lijken vrij sterk op elkaar en ook de opdracht is in wezen steeds dezelfde. Gelukkig zijn de graphics zo verbazingwekkend dat het wel een tijdje zal duren voor je er op uitgekeken bent. Een aanrader voor iedereen die zich ook maar in het minst in 3D games interesseert.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Mar, 1996)
This is one of those games that can be classified as "groundbreaking", because of the 360-degree movement of the ship throughout the vast levels of corridors. This PC port-over has a smooth frame rate, enhanced lighting effects and above all, the perfect control when used with the PS pad. Descent has some nice cinemas and a cool map feature, but other than proper maneuvering through the corridors, it falls short when it comes to the excitement level. Challenging though.
PlayStationMega Fun (Feb, 1996)
Wem Boom zu blutrünstig war, dürfte sich mit der eher harmlosen Raumschiff-Ballerei bei Descent sicherlich eher anfreuden, vorausgesetzt er/sie kommt mit der komplexen Steuerung zurecht, wobei wir auch schon beim entscheidenden Haken des Spiels sind: Die völlige Bewegungsfreiheit erfordert nämlich eine anspruchsvolle Koordination zwischen dem Steuerkreuz und Aktionstasten, so daß man im Laufe der Fliegerei des öfteren eher mit der Steuerung als mit den feindlichen Aliens beschäftigt ist. Durch die absolute Dreidimensionalität sind zudem einige Orientierungsprobleme und ungewollte Kopfüber-Flüge vorprogrammiert.. Aber auch nach der Eingewöhnung kommt meines Erachtens kein richtiges Boom-Fieber auf. Schmerzlich vermisse ich hier einfach die düstere Atmosphäre sowie eine knisternde Spannung, nichtzuletzt wegen des fehlenden Soundtracks. Mich hat Descent jedenfalls nur kurzzeitig motiviert. Ein Probespielen lohnt sich aber auf alle Fälle.
PlayStationIGN (Nov 21, 1996)
The control is a little complex, as you're using a joypad and not a keyboard or flight stick, but once mastered will prove relatively painless. The only big drawback lies in the game's simple objectives - it does tend to get a little repetitious. But other than that, the game is great.
DOSImperium Gier (Jul 01, 2000)
Zarówno grafika, jak i dźwięk programu, należały w 1995 roku do ścisłej czołówki. Dobrze chociaż, że pomyślano o rozdzielczości 640x480 - dzięki niej obcowanie z Descentem nie jest tak straszne, jakby to mogło się wydawać. I jeśli ktoś jest fanem gier fpp i nie drażni go tzw. klasyka, to gra ta mu się spodoba. W przeciwnym wypadku odsyłam do kolejnych części programu.
MacintoshHigh Score (Mar, 1996)
Descent får lågt betyg för att det inte har den där omedelbara charmen som ett bra lir ska ha. För den som orkar och kan lära sig är Descent förmodligen himmelriket.