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Not just for mining anymore... Windows Chris Martin (1204)
Very nice installment in the Descent series, but not the best. Windows Goteki45 (354)
May be the best game out there Windows Jeremy Bailey (5)
My Favorite Descent "Descentdant!" Windows Peter Hoeft (2)

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WindowsDaily Radar (1999)
Not content to bash out any old sequel, Outrage has delivered a game that is as jaw-droppingly impressive in its single-player mode as it is in multiplayer. Descent 3's amazing level design and cutting-edge graphics immediately grab you, and ten new weapons provide enough firepower to level a small country. The outdoor environments are smooth and flow perfectly into the equally impressive indoor areas. Multiplayer elements like Team Play, Capture the Flag, and Monster Ball (a fun little soccer-style game), add tons of replay value to an already great game.
WindowsGame Vortex (1999)
Oh my God! Descent 3 is absolutely beautiful. Descent 3 is veritible eye candy filled with lots of special lighting effects and optical effects, such as specular mapping and mirrored surfaces. But be forewarned, Descent 3 REQUIRES 3D acceleration. Descent 3 most highly recommends the 3dFx Glide 3D acceleration, but also supports Direct 3D and OpenGL.
WindowsElectric Games (1999)
Anyone expecting "more Descent" in this game should be pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail and polish put into Descent 3. It ups the ante for the series in many, many ways. The graphics are far better, the missions more interesting, and the AI gives much more of a challenge. Any Descent fan should be very happy with this title. It is in fact so good I'm giving the game five stars DESPITE the super thief. Bottom Line: Fantastic graphics and sound. Mission structure is much more detailed - a storyline actually exists now. Weapons and enemies are interesting, and the improved AI is wonderful.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jul 01, 1999)
Descent 3 is a technical tour de force filled with design wizardry. From the robust graphics and finely tuned interface to the smart computer-controlled opponents and mission design, this game radiates talent. Furthermore, the various online multiplayer modes prove, once and for all, that a 3D action title can feature vigorous multiplayer options and still present an engaging solo adventure. Although the movement mechanics, which are more deliberate than on-foot action titles, and dizzying 360 degree panorama might not be everyone's cup of tea, this is among the most intense and intelligent pure action titles I have ever experienced. The designers have both remained true to the series' fiercely consistent criterion, but also expanded in fresh directions. Descent 3 is a pleasure, and it is a testament to this series' enduring appeal that, even after three games and countless vertigo-inducing battles, I cannot wait to see what is next.
WindowsPC Gamer (Sep, 1999)
You'll come for the pyrotechnics, and you'll stay for an enthralling action game.
WindowsGaming Age (Jul 01, 1999)
In the end, Descent 3 is a title that excels beyond my wildest expectations. The artificial intelligence is clever, but is also forgiving enough to keep the game from being lopsided. There are admittedly a few bugs, but those small things simply cannot overshadow what Descent 3 is: A title that has, in every way, improved on its series. Descent 4 anyone?
WindowsGame Revolution (Jul 01, 1999)
In every way that really matters, Descent 3 is a fantastic game. With killer graphics, sound, gameplay, stability, and multiplayer it is all you need for a long term action obsession. There is one thing though: aside from slapping in the face all those companies who release beta products instead of fully tested games, Descent 3 does not strictly do anything revolutionary. However, let not an A- fool you. This is one of the very best games I've played in years, and an instant recommendation for anyone who has ever fondled a joystick or stroked a mouse. Just remember to come up for air though, there is such a thing as dying of starvation or thirst. So get a glass, a plate, and an i.v. drip.
WindowsGamePro (US) (2000)
But, all in all, Descent III is a remarkable game: immersive, challenging, beautifully designed. Unlike a lot of the other eye-candy out there, it has both steak and sizzle. The level designs contain some of the most breathtaking sights ever seen in a computer game and they are filled with cunning enemies just waiting to sink their steel claws into your smoking carcass. Well done, Outrage. Definitely the best of the Descent games to date.
WindowsAll Game Guide (1999)
If you're into flight action shooters, chances are you've played the Descent series. If you liked the previous Descent games, you'll LOVE this (beyond a doubt!). If you haven't played them, check this out. You will not be disappointed!
WindowsIGN (Jun 14, 1999)
With its added story elements, new play features and improved game engine, Descent 3 has clearly distinguished itself from its other 'descentants' (I swear, it's really late right now) and is one of the best vehicular shooters I have ever played. If you're a big fan of the series, or just a fan of the genre, Descent 3 is a must have. In fact, don't even bother reading below, I gave it a nine. Go out and buy it.
MacintoshIGN (Jun 07, 2002)
Everything about this game is quality work. If it just didn't have these ungodly loading times, there'd be nothing to complain about.
MacintoshMac Ledge (Mar 12, 2000)
I'm giving this game a good score despite the OpenGL problems, which will be fixed. Descent 3 was a welcome break from playing Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. Arcade action at its best, with stunning graphics, and an interesting storyline make it a sleeper hit. I highly recommend this game for all Mac gamers.
MacintoshGame industry News (GiN) (2000)
After a couple installments in the Descent family, you might think this one would be a little tired. Luckily for us, the action is better than ever, the graphics pop, and the whole thing comes together to give those strong of stomach another chance to test their mettle. Also, you need a 3D accelerator to play this one, so don't leave home without it. You might think this talk of gamers suffering from vertigo while playing this game is a bit of overstatement. If you do, you haven't played this game. After about 20 minutes of playing Descent, don't be surprised if you feel a bit like you've been on the world's longest roller coaster. The only real down point is that sometimes it doesn't seem as if you have any more control than a theme park ride passenger. But ahhh, what a ride! I give it 4.5 GiN Gems.
After a couple installments in the Descent family, you might think this one would be a little tired. Luckily for us, the action is better than ever, the graphics pop, and the whole thing comes together to give those strong of stomach another chance to test their mettle. Also, you need a 3D accelerator to play this one, so don't leave home without it. You might think this talk of gamers suffering from vertigo while playing this game is a bit of overstatement. If you do, you haven't played this game. After about 20 minutes of playing Descent, don't be surprised if you feel a bit like you've been on the world's longest roller coaster. The only real down point is that sometimes it doesn't seem as if you have any more control than a theme park ride passenger. But ahhh, what a ride! I give it 4.5 GiN Gems.
WindowsGameSpot (Jun 28, 1999)
Outrage has brought the Descent series into the modern era in high style and with a furious commitment to quality. The single-player experience alone makes Descent 3 worth the purchase. Factor in a multiplayer game that is both unusually fun and even more unusually stable and complete right out of the box, and you have what can only be considered an attempt by Interplay to make amends for the horror that was Descent to Undermountain. Apology accepted.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Mar 03, 2000)
Descent 3 is an amazing first-person shooter, with great graphics and sound, good level design, and highly addictive multiplayer action. Its learning curve is a little steep for those new to the Descent series, but it is well worth the effort. Unfortunately the current Mac version isn't as stable as it should be. If you have a pretty fast machine, good coordination, and don't mind some trial and error to get it running, then this might be the game for you.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jul, 1999)
Leute, die sich schon bei Hexen 2 verlaufen, sollten Descent mit Vorsicht genießen. Wer sich aber darauf einläßt und willens ist, sich mit den recht eigenen Flugeigenschaften des Gleiters auseinanderzusetzen, den erwartet ein unglaublich actiongeladenes Abenteuer, das er so schnell nicht wieder aus dem CD-Laufwerk entfernt und an das er sich auch noch nach Jahren wehmütig zurückerinnern wird. Noch nie habe ich so von Herzen gerne das Gold-Player-Prädikat vergeben!
WindowsPower Unlimited (Sep, 1999)
Descent 3 is een mooie opvolger van het inmiddels alweer klassieke 3D-tunnel-vlieg-schiet-spel. Door de prima graphics en de vette nieuwe engine bekruipt je bij elke hoek weer dat beangstigende claustrofobische gevoel, waardoor je met zwetende handjes achter je PC gekluisterd zal zitten.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Sep, 1999)
Descent 3 är utan tvekan det bästa spelet i serien. Outrage har förbättrat det mesta och lagt till vad som saknats tidigare. Spelare som hängt med sedan seriens början har nog redan rusat ut och köpt spelet redan nu. De som ännu inte testat att fnysa åt gravitationen får en bra introduktion till serien med denna tredje del. Jag har endast ett råd till spelarna: glöm inte att stänga av musiken i tillvalsmenyn!
WindowsPower Play (Jul, 1999)
Anfangs war ich etwas skeptisch, ob es den Entwicklern von Outrage Entertainment mit ihrem Titel tatsächlich gelingt, das Spielprinzip neu zu beleben. Meine Bedenken wurden zerstreut, denn „Descent 3“ entpuppt sich letztendlich in beinahe allen Belangen als eine würdige Fortsetzung. Man vermißt zwar das rasante Fluggefühl der beiden Vorgänger (man scheint über die Planetenoberflächen regelrecht zu kriechen) und die Grafik offenbart trotz der beeindruckenden Opulenz so manche Ecken und Kanten, doch ansonsten präsentiert sich das „Descent“-Universum von seiner schönsten Seite. Die erweiterte Funktionspalette des Guide-Bot, die markanten Gegner, die facettenreichen Missionen sowie die komplexen Level garantieren lang anhaltenden Spielspaß. Neben all der Ballerei bietet „Descent 3“ sogar noch eine annehmbare Puzzledichte. Abgerundet durch einen stimmige Soundtrack und einen hervorragenden Multiplayer-Modus, ist „Descent 3“ somit einer der Action-Höhepunkte dieses Sommers.
WindowsGame Over Online (Jun 14, 1999)
So how does Descent 3 measure up to the current flock of first-person shooters? (Since essentially, it's but a yet another shooter - so what if it's nullgrav). It depends if you liked the original Descent. If you don't find the true 360° freedom of movement confusing and subduing, you will definitely enjoy this game. If, however, the likes of Half Life make you motion-sick, then this will be the end of you for sure. If you haven't tried the two originals, however, I would strongly suggest you give it a try. It's a worthy contender.
WindowsPC Joker (Jul, 1999)
Im Multiplayermodus trennt Descent 3 dann endgültig die Spreu vom Weizen. Hier kann eben nicht jederzeit auf die Speichermöglichkeit samt Quicksave-Shortcut zurückgegriffen werden. Kein Spiel für jedermann also, aber der ultimative Kick für Fans: Detailliert-plastische Grafik ganz ohne Blut, aber mit reichlich Effekten, bombastische Surround-FX und ein abgedrehter Techno-Soundtrack machen die Tunnelflüge zu einem Fest für die Sinne - durch Elsas neue 3D-Brille „ Revelator“ betrachtet, gar zu einem nie gekannten Erlebnis!
85 (Dec 22, 1999)
Descent 3 ist nichts für Leute, denen bereits in der S-Bahn übel wird. Ein guter Orientierungssinn und Lernbereitschaft sind Voraussetzung für Spielspaß. Wer das mitbringt und gepflegte 3D-Action mag, kommt um den neuen Höhlenshooter nicht herum. Descent 3 ist das beste Descent, das es jemals gab - und für jede Netzwerksession ein Pflichttitel.
85 (Jul 19, 1999)
Descent 3, le jeu vomitif revient en course pour des scènes d'action rapides la tête en bas. Graphiquement très chouette, il pêche un peu par la maniabilité et son manque de difficulté. Malgré cela, Descent 3 reste un défouloir bien sympa qui a au moins le mérite de présenter une alternative aux shoot'em up 3D habituels.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Jul, 1999)
Durch so abwechslungsreiche Einsätze darf ich nur selten fliegen, die stellenweise tollen Ideen haben mir das eine oder andere »Wow!« entlockt. Für die neue Grafik- Engine gilt das allerdings nicht. Die ist zwar auf der Höhe der Zeit – Unreal sieht aber noch immer einen Zacken besser aus. Richtig gut gefallen mir die Roboterfeinde. Ich bin sonst kein Fan derartiger Metallgegner, aber die in Descent 3 sind gelungen und können in Sachen Erschreck-Effekt halbwegs mit fleischlichen Bestien mithalten. Trotzdem hat Descent 3 immer noch das Problem, das schon die Vorgänger plagte: Das bunte Treiben wirkt arg steril. So manchem Descent-Fan dürfte außerdem angesichts der knackigen Puzzles der Joystick vor Schreck aus der Hand fallen. Ich habe nichts dagegen, in Ballerorgien nachzudenken – aber in Descent 3 haben sich Rätsel verirrt, bei denen man nur mit Glück weiterkommt. Eine Empfehlung ist das Programm dann, wenn Sie eher auf tüftelige Action als auf Dauerfeuer stehen.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 1999)
Al bij al blijft het natuurlijk een rasecht Descent spel, dus mensen die duizelig worden bij het spelen van een spelletje Rollercoaster Tycoon onthouden zich beter. Voor fans van Forsaken en Descent rest er evenwel geen twijfel: Descent 3 is een waardige opvolger!
WindowsImperium Gier (Jul 01, 2000)
Dopiero teraz mamy możliwość podziwiania prawdziwego piękna jakim poraża nas DESCENT 3. Gra wymiata swoich poprzedników zarówno pod względem graficznym jak i muzycznym. Chyba nie pozostało mi nic innego, niż życzyć wszystkim sukcesów w pokręconym świecie gry Descent 3. Uważajcie na tyły statku i miejcie oczy szeroko otwarte.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jul, 1999)
Keine Frage - Descent 3 macht einen Heidenspaß, vorausgesetzt, man hat einen widerstandsfähigen Magen. Daß es nicht zum ganz großen Wurf gereicht hat, liegt nur an Kleinigkeiten. So hätte man sich drei Jahre nach dem letzten Descent und ein Jahr nach dem exzellenten Forsaken ruhig ein paar Neuerungen einfallen lassen können - ein dusselig agierender Guidebot allein genügt da nicht. Auch von der Grafik hatte ich mir mehr versprochen als nur eine Handvoll sehenswerter Effekte. Was bleibt, ist ein überdurchschnittlich gutes, wenn auch etwas altmodisch wirkendes Actionspiel für Schwindelfreie, das weitgehend auf neue Impulse verzichtet, vielleicht aber gerade deswegen bestens unterhält.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Sep, 1999)
DESCENT 3 is simply one of the most solid action games out there, with superb visuals and silky smooth gameplay. Once you get used to the freedom of movement, expect addiction.
MacintoshmacHOME (2000)
However, the gameplay alone makes up for all of these problems. If you’re willing to save early, save often, Descent 3 is one heck of a ride. There’s even a tutorial to teach newcomers how to handle the complex controls required to move effectively. One note, however, you’ll want a joystick to play this game, preferably one that can twist. It’ll make your life a lot easier. Oh yeah, and bring an air sickness bag.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Jun 22, 1999)
В общем и целом, можно сказать, что игра удалась. Была сделана попытка не испортить то, что уже было хорошим, и подправить ошибки. Как результат — хорошая игра, чтобы вспомнить оригинальный Descent, неплохая, чтобы открыть для себя новую игру.. Но остается ощущение то ли чего-то недоделанного, то ли отставания от современности — несмотря на графику, на какой-никакой сюжет, фактически, это та же самая игра, что и была три года назад…
WindowsFiringSquad (Jun 17, 1999)
Descent 3 is without a doubt, the best game in the series, thanks to interesting level design, a boat load of cool weaponry, and improved control options like mouse look. Graphics and sound for the game are first rate, and multiplayer is very action packed and enjoyable (albeit a bit brutal - taking beatings at the hands of experienced Descent 1 and 2 players is an educational experience). There are just a couple of minor things holding it back : the slightly jumpy mouselook feature, and the slight frustration in finding specific items or areas on particular levels. In the great scheme of things these are a small problems in an otherwise fantastic action shooter. Kudos to Outrage and Interplay for a job well done on Descent 3!
MacintoshSpel för Alla (Feb, 2000)
Genomgående i hela spelet är grafiken imponerande, miljöerna både inne och utanför stationerna är välgjorda och kul att navigera igenom. Detta medför tyvärr också att spelet kräver sin dator. Ett 3Dfx-kort är helt klart att rekommendera om du inte har en snabb Mac. Så införskaffa ett 3Dfx-kort om du inte redan har det, bunkra upp med lite åksjukepiller och ge dig ut för att tampas med allehanda robotar som gör allt för att skjuta ned dig.
MacintoshMacworld (Apr, 2000)
Descent 3 is a great game marred by bugs. Those with Voodoo cards, fast Macs, and a love of frenetic action will have a blast. If your ATI-equipped Macintosh lacks a Voodoo card, either add one or wait for the next game update.
WindowsSpel för Alla (Sep, 1999)
Descent 3 är ett välgjort spel med många finesser, men att åka runt i tunnlar blir ganska snabbt tröttsamt. Gillade du däremot Descent 2 ska du självklart ta en närmare titt på trean.
WindowsDeaf Gamers (2002)
Descent was one of the first games to make effective use of a 3D engine. Controlling a spacecraft in small and confined areas was surprisingly addictive back in the 1990s. Descent 3 arrived in 1999 and looked fantastic. The system requirements needed at the time were steep but by today's standards, they are nothing. The game still looks good though, which is a remarkable achievement, four years on.