Designasaurus Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main screen.
Build Dino - Choose a head.
Build Dino - Choose a body.
Build Dino - Choose a tail.
Build Dino - Here is my dino!
Walk Dino - Choose a dino to play as.
Walk Dino - Starting off.
Walk Dino - Arizona Desert.
Walk Dino - Washington Hills.
Walk Dino - My dino just kicked the bucket!
Walk Dino - Well, they didn't have McDonalds back then, so my poor dino starved to death!

Commodore 64 version

Main menu.
Walk a Dinosaur - Choose a dino.
Walk a Dinosaur - My T-Rex is attacking another dino!
Walk a Dinosaur - My T-Rex surveys the scene looking for prey.
Walk a Dinosaur - My dino kicked the bucket...
Build a Dinosaur - Choose a head.
Build a Dinosaur - Choose a neck.
Build a Dinosaur - Choose a body.
Build a Dinosaur - Choose a tail.
Build a Dinosaur - My completed dino!
Build a Dinosaur - Name your dinosaur.

DOS version

title screen
walk-a-dino, allows you to simulate fights against other dinos
Walk-a-Dino: Choose a dino type.
Walk-a-Dino: In a swamp.
Walk-a-Dino: My dino died of starvation!
Build-a-Dino: Choose a head.
Build-a-Dino: Choose a neck.
Build-a-Dino: Choose a body.
Build-a-Dino: Choose a tail.
Build-a-Dino: My completed dino!