Desire Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Albert's intro
What can I say but "mmm, purple"? :)
Talking to Martina
Makoto is writing a letter
Typical interaction
Hotel corridor
Meeting the obnoxious Kyle
Desolate airport

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Album mode
Our hero on the way
View of the island
Makoto is thoughtful
Standard menu options
Moving through the hotel corridors
In front of the research center
Talking to Chris
For some reason Al always has more menu options than Makoto
Sorry, can you stop for a moment? I just wanted to know where you buy your underwear
Those secretaries... wild folk, eh?
If only this game were as inventive in gameplay as it is in depicting sexual positions...
Oh, how romantic...
Night has fallen upon the island...
Dramatic cut scene
Finally meeting Al face to face
Beautiful scenery. New verb to choose!
Spying on Kyle
You just realized I was a spy. My duty is to kill you. But I prefer having sex. I'm weird that way
This scenario opens after you've completd the other two
I still remember this scene in the Saturn version. There it was censored and made a sweet, innocent impression... I thought Tina was just a little girl...
Here is where the biggest mystery lies...

Windows version

Title screen
Intro: Albert
Something is going on with Tina...
Reiko shows Albert around. This is the Research Facility - the most important place on the island
Makoto is talking to Prof. Stelladovich inside the research center
Makoto is writing a letter to Albert
Makoto is talking to Reiko in her room. Standard gameplay choices
Albert's room. Sometimes you can think about various things
Research Facility lobby - Christie is talking to Reiko
Research Facility layout - window mode
Prof. Stelladovich's room
Meeting Prof. Gates, Makoto, and Tina
Examining various things while talking to Sheryll in the dormitory lobby
Dormitory, 2nd floor
Makoto is thinking about Albert
Meeting the brute Kyle in the lounge
Accessing Prof. Stelladovich's terminal
Albert is checking personal files
It is evening. Should we scream?..
Short intro sequence before the title appears
...and after
An animated cut scene. Albert finds the unconscious Tina on the beach
Area map you can move on - an extra addition for Windows version
Intro: Makoto
Albert's scenario begins. Kazumi is on the plane. Albert reads a newspaper with a commercial for "Eve Burst Error"
Talking to Sylvia at the hangar
The funny screensaver will take over if you don't play for some time
Airfield - window mode
Talking to Martina.
Sheryl seems to be jealous of your girlfriend, but in a good way.
Map of the dormitory.
Al seemed to have forgotten why he came... perhaps because Sylvia is not fully wearing her working clothes.
Is she trying to make you jealous or is there something else going on around here?
No peeking allowed.
Lose the glasses, add the swimsuit, and Sheryl turns into a real foxy lady.
Caught Sylvia when she is looking rather feminine.
Her angry face doesn't seem to fit her rather satisfying look on the background still.
What the hell is happening with everyone on this island?
Coming to the rescue, alas, not very helpful.
Albert can sometimes be real funny.
Research experiment gone seriously wrong.