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Windows version

Main Menu - Selecting race, class, and scenario. Completing a scenario may unlock other scenarios, races, classes, and other surprises.
Game Start - Starting a new game with a human fighter. Fighters have the unique ability to sense same or lower level monsters (which are easier to defeat).
Items - Various items are scattered and randomly placed in the randomly generated area. Items come in the form of potions, glyphs, upgrades, and gold.
Deities - Shrines allow the player access to specific deity worship. Deities offer benefits that may be purchased with piety; obtained by performing actions appeasing to the deity.
Magic - Glyphs act as magical runes which allow the player to cast spells at the expense of mana. Each class has a limited number of slots for glyphs.
Bosses - Each scenario has a one or more bosses, all at level 10, the maximum experience level. Successfully defeating these bosses will complete the scenario and may unlock new features.
Combat - Combat is initiated when the player attack a monster. Monsters here do not move and only counter-attack. Hovering the mouse over a monster will reveal the outcome of an attack.